Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Architect of a new dawn

Humanity, entity of the universe,
glorious fragment of God, wire of  energy fed with
 the infinite love of the Prince of Light.

The  evolved humanity will be the architect
 of a new dawn and the smile of God

The divinity of humanity reflects
in the eyes of innocent children, in the look of light,
 love and peace of wises, in the flourished  meadows of  truth
 in the born day that smiles at the world.

Humanity, rainbow of auras,
which pulse of green,  electric blue,
and orange waterfalls,  the colour of illumination.

Humanity, the architect of a  new dawn
flourished of hope.

Life, a hourglass that lets slowly slipping the  gold
energy  of knowledge and that  measures
over time the experience flowing
between the wings of wind, at the tolls
of the Divine Heart.

Humanity, anchored to the great earth sea,
at the end of time will fly free between the planets
of the revelation of the infinite Universe
and reach the great energy of love.

Humanity,  architect of a  new dawn
flourished of hope.


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This is beautiful Thank you.
Thank you Barbara for your comment !!!

You touched me where my beating heart resides. Thank you for this gift to all that we are. I am certain it will awaken memories in some...Blissings to you!
very sweet my dear
Thank you so much dear David for your nice words!!
Thank you so much dear Ajumaaree for your nice words!!!
Much love!!!



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