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Anger is energy that wants to change something.

Fear is the raising of your hair on the back of your neck, telling you danger is near...

Yet, both these powerful emotions have been given a bad rap. How often do you hear about either in a positive context? Why is that?

Could it be because we have limited knowledge and command of our energy potentiality? And that we could instead view fear and anger as potential energy - a resource, rather than something to be overcome.

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Hello Nige,

Your words sounded like they may have come from direct experience... so much wisdom.


Nige. said:
Hello Jeanne.

Such that which is the colective judgments of anger and fear as it is experanced hear by others..

When one becomes aware of how anger is just the top of the iceing of the cake that is covering up underneeth more in depth hidern issues to be acknolaged and healed with in ones self,thus one can see or experance anger that is not porjected, has a positve tool in helping to heal ones self.

That which is fear,coursers one to contract when it is felt or experanced in the moment can be transformed throught self awareness of choice in the moment that to be only opern and revice that which is unconditanil love and above by rasing fear's vibration can be used in a positve context to heal ones being.

So ,yes a resource that which can be used,fear and anger as felt or expernced with in ones self can be transmuted and transformed as energy in to higher vibrations of unconditanil love and joy ,if one but chooser's in the moment and why would you not???

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