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Has anyone in the group used a zapper as a means of healing chronic illness or disease?

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Do you have more information on it? Sounds interesting.
I haven't used one yet... but am having one built for me... should be completed this week. I intend to share it with others.

I am a Hulda Clark fan and am grateful for her open source sharing of schematics and other healing methods.

I'll report back when the zapper is finished and I've explored its possibilities.

Do not believe what you read on Quackwatch... they're agenda does not favor the people... just big pharma and their sheeple.
The zapper is used primarily for surface issues... Dr. Clark advocates deep cleansing for inner organs, often accompanied by zapping.

Mary Magdalene /Morning Star said:
Well, my mother and brother have one each and at first where excited about it, but haven't heard much I'm guessing not much has happened with using it..on illness
The premise and scientific facts of the zapper technology is that no parasite or bacterium can exist in a field of electricity. Even a very small charge of electricity from as small as a tiny 9 volt battery is said to be able to eliminate parasites from the blood and thus cure cancer for example.

Additionally it mentions there are only two causes of disease, parasites and chemicals we either breath in or ingest.

Was wondering if anyone had any success doing that. Dr. Hulda Clark wrote a book about it which I've read. It's called "The cure for all diseases." I have the 1995 edition.
Have you thought about using infrared light like the Bionic 880?
Yes, I have one I bought from a man who uses it in his practice ("healing" for lack of a better term). He guides me as to where to use it on the body, specific to my issues. I can't jump up and down and say it changed my life but I'm giving it more time. I have had lots of health problems for years.

I do agree what we eat and exercise, etc. has to be part of any therapy.
Also we all need to look at heavy metals (they don't always show in testing) fungus/yeast, hidden and not so hidden food allergies and viruses like EBV. As Dr. Klinghardt says it is never just about the disease you can fill in the blank here about whatever persistent disease you are dealing with. There are so many different things that make up our health snapshot and immune system. How we detox etc.
A hair analysis reveals heavy metals.
My 10yo son had persistent allergy symptoms - the allopaths treated his symptoms and I was called to pick him up from school every two weeks due to vomiting. Finally, by chance, I met an old allopath turned naturopath who did a hair analysis, which revealed nickel poisoning. We addressed the nickel issue and he has never had a similar problem since... he's now 37.
I had a hair analysis done also... no heavy metals, but it did show an imbalance of minerals. I learned from that experience that the balance of vitamins and minerals is important... too much of even a good thing can create imbalance and dis-ease.

Regarding Dr. Hulda Clark... following an internet search, I discovered devices and products being sold that were never mentioned in her book, "The Cure for All Disease". She has become such a controversial person that one must be careful when searching for info and devices attributed to her research. I just stick to the book... not the interpretations of wanna-be entrepreneurs seeking to benefit from her controversial findings.

I repeat... she recommends internal cleansing in addition to the zapper use. To use it without the cleansing is to not give the zapper a fair trial. Granted... cleansing is much harder and requires personal discipline, but the zapper cannot be the only method used to achieve the kind of healing that's possible with Dr. Clark's methodologies. The best way to use the zapper is to follow the instructions in her book.

The zapper, in conjunction with cleansing fasts has been effective in ridding me of some issues related to exposure to sewage. Not that I'm letting my guard down yet... those micro-organisms have great survival mechanisms. An acquaintance who contracted amoebic dysentery during a trip to the Mideast, had her small intestine removed 10 years later... it was filled with the amoebas and scar tissue from amoebic activity. Unfortunately, she had only sought treatment from allopathic doctors back then... now, she includes naturopaths in her healthcare team.
Hair analysis does not always show heavy metal issues nor does blood work or urine testing.
I just met someone with Lyme disease who used a zapper and thinks it caused some damage to her brain. She said from her research that using a zapper is fine for all diseases yet not for Lyme disease. Many people have un-diagnosed Lyme disease do to poor testing and the IDSA not wanting people to be diagnosed or treated and their corrupt and improper guidelines and their connections to insurance companies who do not want to pay out for chronic illness. Many people who think they have MS, ALS, Lupus, CFS etc. really have un-diagnosed Lyme disease along with many other co-infections. The testing is unreliable and is a clinical diagnosis best made by a Lyme specialist and which leaves out your family MD or an IDSA doctor. Igenex currently is one of the best labs for Lyme testing. A negative test for Lyme does not rule out Lyme and that is why a Lyme specialist is needed. After what my friend told me about her bad experience using a zapper I have no desire to try one and would rather stick to using infrared light/photons. Even when using photon therapy one has to be careful not to over treat or you can bring out hidden diseases etc. Balance is important when treating any chronic disease.

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