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Is anyone else getting tired of all the marketing going on here at AOAND?

There is a new group that is based on a online bookstore which appears to be for profit? What the heck is going on? Ning does not allow selling and this website is about a New Dawn so why all the marketing here and self promotion of "the herbs I sell are the best" - gag me no one sells "the best" herbs" people go around adding friends here just to try to market things to them - yuck!!!

It is honestly not enjoyable and if it continues why would anyone want to stay here and is that all this site is capable of???? I could watch television and make sure to watch all the ads if that is what I was interested in. I thought AOAND was suppose to be different from what he we see on TV so why is it becoming filled with marketing ploys and why is it allowed heck I could read Craigslist if that is what I wanted?????

I have been coming here less and less lately. Moderators and admins wake up and smell the coffee. Who approved the group that is selling books and why? Honestly if this blatant marketing continues which seems to be the norm here lately in more then one place on this website I will have no reason to stay here and why would anyone want to????

I did not see or hear marketing mentioned once in the vision video...

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Hi everyone,

I do want to know who each person on this site is and what s/he has to offer. Who knows which of you will change my life in amazing ways by sharing your puzzle piece?

Well, we have an Events page . Perhaps a directory on the site. .. a page for authors , musicians, teachers, facilitators, we can peruse at our leisure and we can all just relax and get to know each other better or whatever...
I also support the link idea for the profile page that Ernesto suggested.

.How much of our old ways of resolving challenges can we bring iinto a new dawn?

Are we chooing fear or love? I see this question often now as I move about the world and the internet.

I know if I am intending to help bring harmony in the world, feeling harmony in myself is where I must start.

many thanks for listening,.

Linda Lawson

I'd love to hear more ideas .
Everything in this blasted society is about money, that's for sure. My own answer is to be poor, and live simply.
Joy! Poor has been tough but simple has led to happiness.
Love, Erin

Lance Michael Foster said:
Everything in this blasted society is about money, that's for sure. My own answer is to be poor, and live simply.

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