Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

I hope that this love-ly Community, inspired by Carlos, will become more and more a Plattform with US-Overseas-Connections & World-Wide-Awareness ... and I'll try to give in my European & Christian-Liberal Point of View from Germany ... humbly, learning & centered in a good christian contribution.

Perhaps it resonances here, that my Dylan-Reception, Tillich and Bonhoeffer will be my Tribute to the AOAND.

"Every Border is a fruitful place of awareness!" (Tillich)
"I`m hanging in the Balance of the Reality of Man" (Dylan)
"I'm sure that God is able to turn every bad thing into a fruitful result, when we are joining in" (Bonhoeffer)

So here's my Question:
How much Self-Assurance is good?
And how far I'm willing & able to learn and turn around or coming back (!) to the Source ???

On the Border - for the Rest of my Life :-)

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"humbly, learning & centered in a good christian contribution."

I'll look forward to more of your lovely perspectives.
Candice Wilmore said:
"humbly, learning & centered in a good christian contribution."

I'll look forward to more of your lovely perspectives.

Thanx Candice :)

After discovering AOAND few weeks ago, I was very enthusiastic (and still am) to join in and be busy in connecting myself, posting etc.
But in the Moment I`m so involved and busy in my work that I`m running a bit out oft time and do not find the nerv to give lots of inputs here ...
So I regret for beeing in a minimal kind of membership here at the moment

But this I want to post this morning:
Here in my church we installetes an Art-Object "CROSS" by the African Artist EL LOKO, who'm I know personally, who's from Togo and lives/works here in Germany (Cologne) since the Seventies. He war a Master-Student of JOSEPH BEUYS ... His Cross is a gift to our Church, modern Art, very interesting as a Cross-Over between Cultures, a Walk on the Borderline with Longing for Identity, Communion & a Language for all people over the World.
Not many Churches are interested in Modern Art, but I am.
And so I'm excited about what will happen, when people see EL LOKO's Cross and have the Challenge to unterstand and welcome it.
So this may give you a glimpse and short Impression of what I mean with "my< Contribution" here in the Spirit of AOAND ;-)
I hope to bring some photos in here.

Please have a look on:

be blessed, Thomas

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