Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.


All together

Citizens of the world join together as a giant army of one and recover their planet launching the planetary civilization where all the dominant institutions reinvented themselves to meet the demands of a unified world. It was called the New Earth Army.

Once there was a planet. And it was at the point of its global awakening. Yes, all the evolving cultures had finally come to a place where they recognized that they all did have a chance to live as one. Part of this new but comprehensive awareness was a result of a century of tool making whereby all the many physical bridges to their connection were delivered by a manufacturing blitz that was unlike anything that had ever gone before. It was the 20th century. The industrial and information age writ large.

First the automobile began the land connections and highways appeared Then shipping at sea was magnified by the size of the ships that were now possible with systematic assembly and new metals. That gave way to the aircraft industry that eventually built planes that could carry hundreds of people half way round the world in a day. Then layers of communications gear webbed the world in the most comprehensive way.

People everywhere became a very nicely mixed up global culture almost without trying. This was augmented by all the new communications systems and finally it was obvious that nations were really obsolete and getting in the way. Boundaries invented during the days of global conquest had no real place in the emerging world.

But because all the media systems and institutions were plugged into the boundaries created by nations and had no real footing in any concept that was larger .... well everyone was stuck in a non-concept a scatoma as they say in psychology, a blind spot they didn't know they had. No viable solution for their wholeness appeared to them. Its a classic kind of problem for word based worlds. They could see they had become a global civilization and that there was more global culture than local culture. But since there was no global capitol they was no announcement. And they waited.

They often tried to power their way through the growing threats that showed that the manufacturing model, although it was good for the tool making needed for the global connection, was now eating up their future. The consumption rate was emptying out the food cabinets. At the same time old world religions had deified birth control and people still were actually producing more new people all of whom were speeding up the consumption rate that was already clearly their primary threat. Oh, yes there were other problems with melting ice caps and quality of life. But the formula for their doom was too many people and not enough food, water, and love.

Meanwhile the major fossil fuel giants that had powered this entire revolution and several other owners of precious global resources became locked on to their profit model and interfered with the creation of the new light technologies that could reverse the deadly trend. They had a chokehold on the progress that was needed and didn't want to see their own communities decline at the risk of decentralizing the energy cartel they had created. And so it went ...down down down the tubes.

So, what to do? The sinking ship was designed to go down fast and the life boats were welded to the deck. Concepts and solutions were buried inside all the global gossip that also was the bread and butter of the media companies. The civilization had sped past the very concepts and solutions they needed to right the situation. They had gobbled their way into the path of the dinosaurs ...certain extinction.

The Galaxy watched with dismay. The normal protocol was to let they emerging civilizations sort it out for themselves. Consciousness needed to learn about itself. That was the way of the eternal life path and journey to ever grander states of awakening. And they were hoping this particular civilization that had been inseminated with the very latest DNA available in the entire Galaxy and was therefor the most precious experiment in the entire set of star systems... would use this situation to power through ... with a solution that could be used throughout the awakened Galactic worlds.

It was at the time of planetary unification that all the old models always came up for testing. The way each new civilization handled that awakening was the most important act of social architecture in the Galaxy and perilous or not they wanted to see if the pressure on planet earth would infact uncork the next new set of social tools needed to help many older star systems in the Galaxy who were also struggling with questions of civilization at a higher level.

It was such a close call. Everyone in the Galaxy was watching the evening news to see what would happen. Would the council of all worlds allow this experiment to go full term without
ringing the fire alarm and sending in the rescue ships? The days passed with much anguish for all.

For despite the fact that the galactic players were certainly more experienced ... perfection was not ever ...assured in the awakening worlds of being. Thats why every lifetime had such a lovely way of building ever more astute and wondrous intelligence. But, in this case …not the required wisdom.

The "supreme intelligence" was not going to cheapen the experience just to make things pretty ...if you get my drift.

There was a simple distinction people could make if they saw the prize clearly. They had been "using" their resource base, the earth, and as a result it was in this degraded state of user friendly hands that was now beginning to disappear before everyone’s eyes.

All the people really needed to do was become sacred partners with the planet and its inherent set of life force gifts. They were not going to be allowed however to give this problem back to their heads from whence it came. In every case the solution was to see the greenstream reestablished. It would take everyone with a shovel not a paper dream to regain the lost territories.

And during a meeting at the edge of sanity in a place of sacred ground they struggled with a myth that cold over ride the catatonic global mindset that had frozen the people in the box seats at the edge of their doom. They speak.

What say you earth stewards ..what will you do? Can you pull this together in time?

And the earth stewards spoke and took a role in the future of redeveloping the rural areas and small farms. The hippy folks restarted the eco-habitats they started many years ago. Then the military forces came forward with a plan they had worked on for years to recover the biosphere. Every service had their own respective role. Then the light workers came forward and explained the relationship of those in heaven and those on earth and said the new world was upon us and we would soon reunite with those who had gone before. Then the school kids came on board. The high school kids had joined natural guard units for serious tree planting expeditions, while the middle schoolers set up local exchange centers where almost everything could be exchanged or recycled. The elementary kids focused on the recycled items themselves and began to forage for all still valuable items. College kids helped older people resettle where they could still produce part of the food they needed as agro-forests. Then the elders could make a contribution by doing flower gardens near the entrances of all the towns and villages. The corporate worlds each created village life in their built up areas and all had a green shift project that diverted fifteen per cent of their resources to new green causes. Elders in the unions helped recreate the feeling of villages in the cities, while veterans helped create green source centers and closed the greenstream loop in the country so food was consumed nearby where it was created. Citizens of countries became citizens of the planet and micro-politan centers turned regular little towns into global villages. The web remained the constant connector of all things and the new active democracy for the planet. This is the new earth Army at work in the world.

You are reading the newest proto-mythology of the arcturus strategic design group … it is designed to find away for every grouping on planet earth to make the appropriate shift to get us into the global civilization we have so long awaited with a real chance to make the quality of life for all a reality not just a promise.

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Jim.... thanks for sharing your ideas here... this treatment is great.... I hope many people get to read it and comment... is the idea to produce this as a film project? Tell us how we can help...

Richard Lukens said:
Jim.... thanks for sharing your ideas here... this treatment is great.... I hope many people get to read it and comment... is the idea to produce this as a film project? Tell us how we can help...


See e-mail from this AM. I will call soon. The movie awaits.

I am heartened and inspired by your work. It sheds light on... the existing infrastructure and the potential inherent in it's re-structuring... no throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It calls us to meld our warrior selves with our monk selves... and walk the middle path where all sides are equally available - potent potential power. As one who is both warrior and monk, I have found few others who've truly walked that middle path... and no other who has walked and talked it so eloquently. Thank-you Jim... you are a leader I can follow, instead of my usual "getting the hell out of the parade." Please count me as a fellow imagineering co-planetarian.

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