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Six Degrees of Carlos Santana - Or Kevin Bacon, for that matter

Most of us have heard of the Six Degrees of Separation theory: That each person is no more than six steps away from each person on earth. Well, I've decided to test that theory to find celebs to help endorse my idea, which is to encourage each citizen of the planet to Take Care of Their Share
My goal, for the remainder of the month, is to post blogs, send letters and do whatever it takes to find someone who knows someone who IS a someone who will endorse what I am doing. By endorse, all I mean is a message, a soundfile, a snippet from a letter that says they encourage the concept for each individual to learn to Take Care of Their Share.

So if you know anybody who knows anybody who knows a "somebody", see what they think of the idea to encourage everyone to Take Care of Their Share.

I believe that once I get ONE strong endorsement, others will follow.

People are sometimes sheep, but there is nothing wrong with that if they are following the right shepherds. Who will be the shepherds? Who will help me to encourage others to Take Care of Their Share?

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Hi Erin. When I started the Take Care of Your Share project, my intent was for each property owner to take care of the property that they own. Since all land is connected, taking care of your own share would, in fact, impact the entire planet.
But really, Take Care of Your Share applies to everything. If everyone took care of their own finances and their own health and their own families........

Ah well, I guess I can only focus on one thing at a time. It just seems like the "green" movement is such an opportune time to try to educate people about what they can do in their own homes and yards.

Erin Michelle said:
I was hoping for examples of people who have acheived the goal. When I page through the website there is an overwhelming amount of information. Personally, I do what I can and the Medford community is fairly advanced in environmental responsibility. We get spurred along by Ashland, a few towns over, and it creates a little healthy competition. I'm not sure how much of the community is my share to care for and it's a big planet. I could never do enough. I'd be greatly encouraged to hear from people who have determined what their share is and then it might break such a huge project into a blueprint for success. Thank you for all your hard work.
Love, Erin

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