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Whether fact or theory, this cannot be dismissed...

You may have read and heard the current ‘conspiracy theories’ regarding the current swine flu pandemic. Conspiracy theories abound and cling like barnacles to every major and cataclysmic event. Many are plausible and some may be true to some extent. However, whether we take them with a pinch of salt or believe them rarely has any direct impact on our own lives. This one is different.

First, let’s look at facts that are not in dispute before we look at the associated theories:

1. This particular strain of swine flu emerged in Mexico and became a global pandemic in an extremely short space of time. This may not be impossible with today’s level of international travel and movement of people between nations… but it is unprecedented. Neither the bird flu nor the SARS viruses were quite the globetrotters that this strain of swine flu appears to be.

2. The vaccine will be used largely untested. Safety tests that normally take an average of eight weeks to complete were “fast tracked” over a period of five days. Even so, the reports of the safety tests will not be made available until after the vaccination program has commenced. Effectively, people will be injected with a vaccine for which no safety data is available.

3. Your government has no legal responsibility for the safety of the vaccine. Your government has a ‘Duty of Care’ and this extends to ensuring that vital health provisions such as vaccines are made available. They would only be accountable for ‘foreseeable’ injuries as failure to address such would be a neglect of the Duty of Care. However, as no safety data will be available, negative reactions to the vaccine would not be deemed foreseeable so your government would not be held to account in the event of illness, disability or death attributable to the vaccine.

4. The pharmaceutical companies producing the vaccine have been granted legal immunity to prosecution in the event of negative reactions to the vaccine in the US and in the UK. Other countries are expected to follow suit if they have not already done so. This means that, in the event of illness, disability or death attributable to the vaccine, no compensation will be awarded to either the victims or the victims’ families. No one is accountable by law.

This does not imply a great deal of confidence in the safety of the vaccine on the part of the government and the manufacturers. It may also imply that large numbers of negative reactions are expected and steps seem to have been taken to ensure that neither the government nor the manufacturers are impeded by a tsunami of compensation claims.

The particular conspiracy theory is that must be given some head space is that this is actually part of a global population reduction plan. The actual virus itself is not the perceived threat but the vaccine is believed to be contaminated by toxins that take long enough to begin taking effect to avoid being identified as a risk until some time after the vaccination program has been completed, by which time, it would be too late.

This may sound very far fetched but David Rockefella, Prince Philip and a number of people believed to be connected to the Bideberg group of alleged global ‘movers & shakers’ have made no secret of their concerns about the rate of global population expansion. The ever-diplomatic Prince Philip is the only one to date to publicly advocate the concept of a human cull. During an interview in which he discussed the necessity of culling in species in which the population expansion becomes unsustainable, he stated that he would wish to be “reincarnated as a deadly virus” and thus “contribute to the solution”.

‘Googling’ the term “human cull swine flu” will return a large number of sites in which this theory is expounded in varying levels of detail.

Although I am not advocating on behalf of the conspiracy theory, it is one that we cannot afford to simply dismiss.

Vaccines are always hazardous and should be accepted with caution. An example is the incident in 1976 in which a US serviceman allegedly contracted swine flu and subsequently died, sparking off the disastrous ‘knee-jerk’ reaction that led to 25 deaths and countless cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome, a potentially fatal inflammation of the nervous system, which can also cause paralysis. These were wholly attributable to the vaccine. The serviceman was the only death attributable to the virus.

There are many childhood illnesses and disabilities that have been caused by vaccines. When faced with the choice between a strong likelihood of contracting a seriously debilitating or fatal condition such as polio, smallpox and suchlike and a vaccine that can protect the child, the risks of vaccination are comparatively small but vaccination is always the ‘lesser of two evils’.

The current strain of swine flu has proved no more potent than seasonal flu, to which we are all prone and which, in itself, invariably claims lives to some degree. But the risks are comparatively slight and many prefer not to risk vaccination against seasonal flu. Any higher death rate with swine flu is more an indication of its global spread than its potency. In this instance, it is the virus that is the lesser of two evils.

If there is any substance to the Human Cull theory, this has obviously huge implications. We must not only protect ourselves from what would amount to summary, institutionalised execution but we must also do whatever we can to protect Humanity from what it would then become. Individually, the outcome would be death, an inevitability we all face at some point. The concept of a world subjected to such an unprecedented atrocity is far worse.

We need to prepare for the possibility of just such an atrocity. Above all, we must survive, not only to prolong our own transient time on this earth but also to do all we can to save Humanity itself from such an unthinkable dominion.

Yes. We must all endeavour to tap into whatever sources are currently beyond us and beyond the darkest possibilities we may face. But this might not be achievable by meditation and simply thinking along New Age lines alone. We may have to decide what we would do in the event that vaccinations become mandatory. Penalties are unlikely to be limited to fines if the theory has any substance. We may well face incarceration or ‘quarantine’ and be subjected to vaccination by physical force.

What do we do if, in order to protect our loved ones and ourselves, we must take to the hills? Then what? How would we co-ordinate a counteraction?

I certainly have no answers but we cannot simply ignore the imminent possibility. We need to discuss this with friends and family, draw up contingency plans and prepare for the unthinkable. Annihilation is the least we may have to face. It is the world that would survive that we have to protect.

Don’t panic and don’t walk in fear but be mindful of where we are going and stick to your path.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to any comments that this discussion may raise.

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hi ron,
yes the key feature is: "don't panic" ... as a trained classical homeopath i can say that treating this particular strain of flu homeopathically is exactly the same as any other viral disease - individually! there are a number of remedies very well suited to treat the swine flu and more information can be found at (i am not personally affiliated with this website.) there, one can find compelling information about the homeopathic treatment of the flu, as well as flu pandemics and the role homeopathy played in the past. i have full trust in my healing modality to "weather the storm" should it come through my community.

There are many of my colleagues just waiting to come to the fore with their skills to help through this pandemic. Especially in the UK, finding a homeopath in your area should not prove very difficult. Both in the US and the UK, there are Societies of Homeopaths and other registries where lists of practicing classical homeopaths can be obtained. The homeopathic remedies are obtainable OTC here in the US, so even self-treatment is possible.

My own daughter (12) came back from a camp just recently where a flu virus had rampaged through the dorms - one child on her floor had a confirmed "swine flu" test - lots of other kids did not get tested. My daughter developed some of the typical symptoms of swine flu, which are next to the sudden onset of a high fever:
* headache,
* tiredness,
* chills,
* aching muscles,
* limb or joint pain,
* diarrhoea or stomach upset,
* sore throat,
* runny nose,
* sneezing, or
* loss of appetite.

I gave her a remedy which matched her symptoms and 24 hours later she was well again, did not develop any respiratory symptoms but it took another week for the ache in her bones to subside. Needless to say, i was comfortable in letting the child have the necessary fever of 102°F / 39.5°C for the 24 hours - her vital force is strong and she overcame the illness easily. I have no proof that it was swine flu, but the indicators are there. now 2 weeks after she had this flu, none of the other family members fell ill - i guess we're just a healthy bunch. (susceptibility to "catch" a disease is also individual and cannot be truly measured/foreseen).

in our state we have "religious exempt" for vaccinations in case we choose to opt out. this however varies from state to state throughout the US. it may be a good strategy to prepare and find out what options you have in your particular area to opt out of vaccination and either have some of the homeopathic remedies ready for you and your family or hook up with a trained homeopath in the vicinity. a flu case is an "easy" acute situation for a homeopath and not difficult at all to treat.

more information about how homeopathy works can be found at:

Claudia Patton PDHom(UK)
Interesting stuff... the Human Cull theory... though history tells us, its not just a theory. ...and yesterdays news...

CNN reported yesterday that the U.S. military is gearing up to get involved in the H1N1 swine flu outbreak widely expected to strike the U.S. this fall. As CNN reports, "The U.S. military wants to establish regional teams of military personnel to assist civilian authorities in the event of a significant outbreak of the H1N1 virus this fall, according to Defense Department officials."

This operation will include "personnel from all branches of the military" and it will involve cooperation with FEMA -- the Federal Emergency Management Agency... remember their response to Katrina?

Am I comfortable with this? ...hell no! Only a few generations ago my native ancestors were bamboozled with small pox ridden blankets. And less than 40 years ago, my very healthy baby boy died 12 hours after recieving a DPT shot... of course I've been told that it must've been something else... or that a few will pay the ultimate price, while the many will benefit. In fact, the most dangerous part of the vaccine - pertussis, was already in decline by the time the vaccine was discovered... but hey, something or someone had to pay for the R&D.

I was in the Army in the 70's. I spent the first three days of basic training in the hospital after being administered a battery of 18 different vaccines. The day I went to the hospital, about a third of my company also did. We were dropping like flies.

But if there is any truth to the headlines, people are lining up to have their children injected. And I fear my granddaughter's mother will be amongst those. She rejects my advice and her mother's - who is a Christian Scientist and whose children never had a vaccine and all are healthy.
Thank you Claudia. There are a number of homeopathists in my area and I'm sure in many areas. I'm sure that viral infections can be treated individually using any of a range of complimentary therapies. This is certainly the way I would go.

I certainly don't think the virus itself is anything to panic about. My concern is really about the implications of a possible global cull of fellow human beings. I was concerned about bringing the Cull Theory to the attention of those who may not already have stumbled upon it as there is a fine line between warning others of possible impending dangers and alarmist fear mongering.

I decided to post the discussion because many will not have come across these extremely dark possibilities and it is not a thought that would spring to mind of any but the most pessimistic of conspiracy theorists. However, we are aware that our leaders are not above the most appalling human atrocities. Genocide is nothing new and, should our leaders consider a Final Solution to global population expansion, this is the most likely scenario under which it would be carried out. Such a solution would not be confined to the Third World as are many atrocities that we read about or hear on the news. It would apply globally.

Certainly don't panic about the flu. It's just flu. Don't panic about the vaccinations but I would advise rejecting them. If enforcement procedures are put in place, don't panic... but take action to protect yourself in whatever way you feel you can. Even if the worst imaginable fears turn out to be true, don't panic... but take whatever action is appropriate to the situation.

Panic and fear is always the path to disaster. But there are times when the same can be said for complacency. Now is not the time to act as if the Cull Theory is a reality because we just do not know. But now is definitely the time to consider what action to take in the event of being deprived of the choice regarding vaccinations.
Thanks for the link, Jeanne. It does seem that the situation is intensifying. This is a little worrying.

All we can do is advise and try to make people aware of the possible implications. We are going to be met with the "don't be ridiculous. They would never do that!" response. They being the ones who invaded Iraq and killed countless civilians to take control of the oil; They being the ones who supply chemical and biological weapons, bankroll revolutions and turn a blind eye to genocide. When it's our own family and friends, we despair but what can we do beyond advise?

We may all have our own Trail of Tears to walk yet.

This is a rather disturbing piece of footage but one should take note and make of it what you will
Thanks Ron for your postings. I had the pleasure of being the real life James Bond's chauffeur back in the early 1970's. Conrad O'brien Ffrench, friend of Ian Fleming and model for the now famous 007 character (Google search the name and you'll see) introduced me to much detail about this monstrous conspiracy fact--not theory. I cover considerable detail in overview on my website, from which my inexpensive ebook filled with useful insight can be downloaded. At the top of my webpage is a link to Youtube clips--I'd recommend chapter 9 as useful and inspiring overview. Such inspiation is helpful in times like these. Though not clearly listed, my Youtube clip titled Swine Flu Antidote Cosmicfellow presents detail about Silver Sol, a product which will significantly contribute to remaining healthy through times of pandemic. (order from, provide my name and #, David Thatcher 2441437-8) (Not my intent to be mercenary--this is simply the straigntforward route).

We are in the midst of an epoch shift. It is not just the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, it is the dawning of the Golden Age. It is the end of the 2160 year long era dominated by Pisces. And it is the end of a 25,920 year cycle dominated by a "dark note" , as we return again to a "white note" on the celestial keyboard along which our planet, our solar system and the entire Milky Way Galaxy is progressing. All is within the embrace of the Divine--as difficult and trying as it may be. (Enjoy free chapter 9 on my website as a pdf download, or enjoy my reading of it on Youtube)

Most important is re-connecting inwardly with the Divine, with Spirit, with our multidimensional Source/Self. Popular history indicates that we have progressed in an evolutionary, steadilly upward march through the ages. This is not true. We are vast, spiritually founded, multidimensional characters. Collectively, not too far into the reaches of pre-history, we chose to deny Spirit. There was a "fall", and we have for the most forgotten our Spiritual Source, though we hold many beliefs about this, and fight each other in battle over whose belief is right. History actually progresses in a slow upward climb, then, again and again, is profoundly affected by intercession from other dimensions of our vast Divine reality. At such times there is an evolutionary spike along the graph of our development, then we again proceed at a slow and steady pace. We now are in the midst of such a time of intercession, of acceleration. Mayan calendrics speak of this acceleration.

Though such insanity as craftilly engineered flu pandemics need to be addressed by each of us in ways we are able--and Jane Burgermeister in blowing the whistle on stunningly well crafted global genocide via her legal action against the World Health Organisation is an exellent example of what must be done--it is at least as important--I'd suggest more important--to connect deeply and profoundly with Spirit. Like most of us on this site, I suspect, I've been deeply involved in spiritual practice most of this lifetime. Please enjoy this most remarkable site . There are conferences in LA mid August and Toronto end of August. I'm not promoting another organisation or path. This phenomenon/gift of Oneness Blessing spoken of at the Oneness website helps complete our return to Spirit, helps this 3rd dimensional world we share again rest in the direct embrace of Divine, incarnate, conscious stewards.

Oh thank god for "just in time delivery"!!



Ron Tocknell said:

This is a rather disturbing piece of footage but one should take note and make of it what you will

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