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I'd like to know what people think of this new prediction of a meteor hitting earth in the year 2012. They say that mayans and famous people predicted this is going to happen. I don't believe it but what do you think?

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Silja Saareoks said:
Well, it is DONE already, the Earth will go on. But the way of living is what has to change and what is being changed already. The illusion of the separation will go, that's all. There will be enough people that will be able to change the what causes the nature cataclysms. The ways have given already how to make a change, how to raise children in the way that they will have and never loose the full consciousness. The people are already waking each other up from sleepy state of consciousness, the fact is it cannot be stopped.
I wonder just how long people will go on with believing in this Nostradamus dream, while we all see that is not what our choice is. The humans could be collectively route the movement of the planets too, if they would be able to get one idea altogether. If the people will stop lying about the past, that these people were less developed than we are now... People were for example able to change the Earth gravity and things like that. Want proof, pyramids. This Nibiru thing is not scary at all. What is scary is the way we take the Earth in pieces, although we know it cannot go on like this, we should do something to have the water and air in the future, too. Not mentioning the number of the people who are starving to death each day... By losing the one person, the one species, the ... we also loose the part of our own, literally! We are eternal beings, not just bodies, we live in, but these bodies we have are the big parts of the whole Universe, when connected our own consciousness. They are now, too, but it is hard to notice and when we do notice, then it is hard to believe why we keep living like machines (like computer without an electricity:-).
What I do suggest is to imagine the own future in the way that it would be connected to our highest (more wide, more deep also) ideas of who we really are. Try to get the connection with the feeling of the Universal harmony in the way it used to be and in the way it will be in the future and bring the feeling to our present moment. When having this feeling all the time, it is already a change. When we are being changed for further development all the time, we also see much more clear what is needed to be done now. What we think, feel and do now, IT IS our future presence. We all have the choice.
The fact that the human civilization has been lost many times from this planet before does not mean it happens this time. What is different? We all have it this time, just needed to get rid of the sleepy state in all over the World.
So blessings for you, the Earth will go on, I've seen it.
You and Eye and the rest of life are the one spirit breathing consciously forever. It is the most glorious of all realizations and also the truest. Eye love the essence and body of your insights because it is alive with vitality and profoundly wise and pure.It further grasps the fact that the whole world is one gigantic organic family connected by our breath.
It is my feeling that because we are all manifestations of the same breath we now only need to accept ourselves fully as such.Our next step is to recognize that "Conscious Deep Breathing" is the skill to develop and put into practice so that we can function from a breath based perspective instead of from a shallow breathing intellect based one.
As soon as we can grasp the reality of ourselves as members of the one conscious deep breathing organic process or family we will have made the Quantum leap from our heads into our feelings.Thus we will also see that the Quantum leap is not a series of mathematical equations but the act of accepting ourselves completely and the rest of life unconditionally.
From this point on, conscious deep breathing as a practice will continue to lead our conscious development until our eyes are all fully open to the reality of ourselves as one family of divine humans.
Eye am sure that it is only a matter of time before this consciousness of ourselves will be the norm for all of us and that we will be living our lives one conscious deep breath at a time and loving it. Soon we will also be able to accept life as one great "World Family Festival" being staged by us for all of us in the here and now.
So interesting that you should bring this up. I wanted to post this question yesterday but didn't for fear of sounding negative. I DO NOT believe it. In my lifetime, there have been many predictions to the end of this planet. I believe that there are those who will continue to attempt to rule the Earth's children through fear. They've done it for years. But we've regained our own power and strength rules the planet now. We need to continue to push out the negative and focus on the positive.

If the Mayans were so bright and so "knowing" then why are they no longer here? Although many believe that they have disbursed throughout Central and South America, they had many mythical beliefs. I cannot live my life without hope, nor can our children. I believe that we as a people and this planet have more hope now than ever before!

Hugs in Peace,

I don't think so. Actually this is somewhat more plausible as it's following a line that we've seen through movies through the years...

I find it quite interesting that this video is now posted at especially after the fact that I watched Terminator 3 yesterday...

You know that Skynet which is mentioned in the movies does exist don't you?

DARPA iXo Control Grid And if T3 wasn't enough now it's Minority Report...And what's the deal with Yahoo being involved?

Yahoo Japan's Minority Report Billboards

Yahoo Japan is jumping on the Minority Report ad bandwagon with special electronic advertising screens. Thankfully, they will only be available in Japan. For now.

The electronic billboard contains a camera that takes pictures of passersby, and then uses recognition routines to determine the age and gender of the pedestrians. Specific content will be provided based on this information.
It may be possible, but yet I used to hear this as I was growing up and the predictions seemed to change all the time. How accurate are these predictions? We just need to live one day at a time and not worry of what we hear, If it happens, we'll know. For now live your life's well.
The Maya was a beautiful people with a beautiful civilization that we still don’t fully understand. Many questions remain out there like where did they go? They studied the stars like no other and the complexity of their calendars is unmatched. Why their calendar ends on December 21, 2012 is a mystery and will remain so until that day. The Mayan’s may have known things we do not, but what I do know is my religious faith is strong. What the Maya didn’t know until the Spanish showed up in the 16th century was that Jesus Christ came to Earth to take on the sins of mankind. Maybe this is all related somehow. There really is no correct answer to the Mayan calendar, this is a wait and see. What I am going to ask you to ask yourself though, is: Are you ready?


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