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On December 21, 2012 - where will you be?

In this day and age of rapid paced media, I find myself faced with a barrage of doomsday scenarios correlating to the year 2012. If it isn't comets crashing into the planet, the earth shifting on its axis, tidal waves, nuclear war, particle accelerators creating black holes, pandemics, planet X and a morbid assortment of mega disasters, its dire predictions from the Mayan calendar, Nostradamus,
Edgar Cayce, the bible, astrologers, and various religious leaders all telling us to prepare for the end. And have you noticed in recent years how many survival shows are being produced? Survivor Man, Man vs Wild, Survivor, and The Colony just to name a few. Are we being prepared for whats to come? Does our government know something we don't know?

In the year 2009, with the clock ticking ever closer to 2012 I am confused. Are we all on death row and blindly hoping all the signs and predictions are wrong?

These days I feel much like a man who has been diagnosed with cancer and been given less than 3 years to live...I don't know whether to start compiling my bucket list and travel and take one last look at our world, start stocking up on survival supplies, build a safe room or just cross my fingers and believe this Earth will be granted some sort of divine global remission.

I started this topic because I don't believe I am alone in feeling confused about our impending future. With that being said, what do you believe? How will you prepare? Will you prepare?

On December 21, 2012 - where will you be?

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Comment by jb on November 16, 2009 at 12:32pm
Thought You might en joy this..
Comment by Cary on November 15, 2009 at 11:41am
Lighteye... thank you for your posts, but both appear to be duplicates you posted on a previous page.
Comment by LightEye on November 15, 2009 at 11:26am
2012 - Apocalypse or New Sun ?

In the ancient cities of the Maya, Grand Elder "Wandering Wolf" talks about 2012, the end of the world, the New Sun and the ancestral knowledge of the Shift of the Ages.


Walking through an ancient Mayan city, Tata addresses misconceptions surrounding ancient Mayan ceremonies.


A clip of Mayan Grand Elder Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, Wandering Wolf, sharing the origins of creation through his Shift of the Ages movie

Comment by Lance Michael Foster on November 15, 2009 at 9:47am
Yep, that's the short and sweet version, Cary :-)
Comment by Cary on November 15, 2009 at 9:33am
My take on this is that we all should live every day as though it could be our last and never take the gift of life for granted.
Comment by Lance Michael Foster on November 15, 2009 at 5:27am
I don't think anything is going to happen in 2012 specifically. Sorry, been through 2000 (yes, I partied like it was 1999) and 2001 when big things were supposed to happen then too.

2012 is sort of like those little highway mileage markers though. You know you are getting closer to a particular place with every one that passes by. I do think we will see changes in the next decade that won't be "the end of the world" or some big "transformation of mankind"...but will, as ever, be "the end of the world -as we know it-"

Pax Romana...Pax Britannica...Pax infinitum
Comment by james taylor on November 15, 2009 at 5:07am
so what does people really think is going to happen in 2012, and does anyone think if anything is does the goverment already knnow about it? with so much out there its hard to tell what to beleive...hopefully it's just a great change for earth and not a devestating one..
Comment by Lance Michael Foster on November 14, 2009 at 3:24pm
Bless those folks who have grand visions of what humanity "ought" to be or "should" be, etc. Bless idealists, while visions of sugar plums dance in their heads.

I think humanity is pretty cool, amazing, beautiful, warts and all, but the tipping point is engaged. I love deer, they are supremely beautiful and elegant, but that doesn't negate the lesson of the Kaibab plateau.

Metastatic cancer is actually an appropriate analogy. A gorgeous beautiful cell in the blood, in the marvel of the brain, is exquisite. But what is good goes out of balance it becomes what is bad = harmful.

A good cell that grows and destroys other cells and takes up their space/function with replicating versions of itself, and on and on and on, that is what cancer is.

There are three resolutions to cancer:

1. Remission- a mystery, when cancer stops on its own (can humanity go into remission? Can we stop using all that energy, stop having so many children? Learn to accept life on earth for what is it, not what it could be?)

2. External treatment/excision through surgery, radiation, medication, etc. (aka meteor strike, famine, wars, global climate change, etc.)

3. Death of the body, and therefore of the cancer cells. (the destruction of the atmosphere etc. by human action would kill us too...too bad we would take most of life down with us...but viruses, bacteria, and those worms down in the bottom of the sea by the volcanic vents, would survive, along with scattered surprises, and would begin the long slow process of evolution and adaptive radiation into various econiches...over millions of years)

As soon as I read a post about what people "should" or "could" or "ought" etc. to do, I confess I stop reading. I am interested in the gerund: what people ARE DOING. And it ain't gonna happen.

We will adapt and survive, some of us, after all, the world was populated by a small family band of humans living in Africa only 100,000 years ago to the 6 billion of today.

The funny thing is, even if the Star Trek fantasy occurred and we spread to other worlds and galaxies, we take earth with us...because WE -ARE- EARTH in human form.
Comment by LightEye on November 14, 2009 at 3:01pm
Comment by LightEye on November 14, 2009 at 2:56pm
The Mayan Calendar is like an odometer. At 21122012@11:11 the calendar is going to go from to

Here you can see that the winter solstice happens at when? 11:11 of course;

2012 2012
Perihelion Jan 5 00 Equinoxes Mar 20 05 14 Sept 22 14 49
Aphelion July 5 03 Solstices June 20 23 09 Dec 21 11 11


This commentary will focus on the least known – but most important – reason for the exaggerated fascination with the Winter Solstice of 2012 (WS2012). But first I want to correct two misconceptions.

Though there is still a smattering of scholarly disagreement over whether the end-date of the Mayan Long Count calendar (LCC) accurately converts to 2011 or 2012 (1) - the majority of experts agrees that it ends on or about WS2012. But - contrary to popular belief - the LCC doesn’t actually end – it simply starts over again from the beginning. In other words, once bak’tun is reached - the LCC begins anew at bak’tun – repeating once again the celestial-oriented 5125-year cycle.

The second misconception is that WS2012 signals the occurrence of a very unique (once every 26,000 years) galactic alignment. Not to put a damper on future celebrations but this particular galactic alignment occurred during the past 28 WSs and will also occur during the next eight.

According to the many experts in this area - the LCC highlights a rare astronomical alignment determined by precession.(2) The alignment occurs when the Winter Solstice sun conjuncts the crossing point of Milky Way and ecliptic in Sagittarius.

2012 galactic alighnment

As you can see from the above illustration(3), this alignment - involving the Winter Solstice Sun and the center of our galaxy - actually began on WS1980 and will continue each WS until 2016. Interestingly, WS2012 isn't even the center point of the 36-year period - but instead is close to its end.

Assuming once again that the majority of experts are accurate in proclaiming that bak’tun accurately converts to December 21, 2012 - why did the Maya select that date and ignore the beginning, center, and end of the alignment? I believe it is because the Maya are not just drawing our attention to the galactic alignment – but are instead asking us to focus in on a specific cosmic event that will be occurring at the exact moment of WS2012. How the Maya knew that several thousand years from then a civilization would be using a Gregorian calendar or that the 2012WS would be at exactly 11:11 is beyond my understanding – but evidently they did.

WS2012 has become part of our consensus reality – and for good reason. In my opinion WS2012 does not directly relate to the entire 36-year period of the 26,000-year galactic alignment but instead refers to a particular point in time and space when a very unusual event will occur. I refer to that point as the “cosmic coordinate.”

Irrespective of whether the Mayan calendar actually ends on WS2012, or whether the date heralds a shift in consciousness, or the end of the world, the incontrovertible fact is that WS2012 - like no other Winter Solstice in recorded history - occurs at exactly 11:11 UT.(4)

There are a growing number of scientists who believe that our holographic reality is actually an intelligently created “simulation” (5) – though I prefer the term: “Cosmic Computer Program (CCP).” I believe our CCP utilizes digital codes for various purposes – several of which I describe below. WS2012 occurs on the 21st day of December at exactly 11:11 Universal Time. The digital equivalent is: 11112112012. Assuming time is an artificial construct in which numbers tell us where we are at any given moment within our program, then it is reasonable to assume that specific numerical combinations and sequences would form genetically encoded digital “time prompts”(6) which assist us along life’s pre-programmed path.

11:11 is considered by many to be such a time prompt (7) – due to the thousands of people experiencing what is referred to as the “11:11 Phenomenon.”(8) 11:11 also symbolizes the various cycles that manifest and re-manifest physical reality as if following a cosmic blueprint.(9) Most synchronistic is the fact that both 2012 and 11:11 are numerical metaphors for the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. Could 21122012 be cosmic shareware with 11:11 the cosmic equivalent of “exe”?

11:11 also has another symbolic meaning - one involving a “cosmic portal.”(10) I doubt that it is just an insignificant coincidence that during the aforementioned galactic alignment the Maya believed that a portal would materialize within the dark rift at the center of our galaxy.(11)

Two other 11:11–2012 synchronicities involve the Sun’s magnetic field and the galactic center – areas that are also intimately connected to Mayan mythology, its calendar and the galactic alignment. The first involves our Sun. Not only is the Sun the winter solstice centerpiece of the galactic alignment, its magnetic field operates a cycle of polarity reversals averaging 11.11 years in length.(12) The next peak of this cycle happens to be in the year 2012 and has been predicted by some astrophysicists to likely be a very active maximum notwithstanding the Sun’s present catatonic state. The second coincidence is just as revealing: The entire mass of the black hole at the center of our galaxy spins once every 11 minutes.(13)

I don’t know whether gin is as enjoyable without tonic, or whether each Jonas brother could be successful alone, or whether we would have enjoyed James Kirk as much as we did without Spock to interact with – but I am certain that without 11:11 as its digital partner, WS2012 would just be another cold and uneventful day in December – at least in the Northern Hemisphere.

In conclusion I believe that at the cosmic coordinate 111121122012 a cosmic portal will materialize – if only briefly. This is what the Maya are still trying to tell us. To those of you who have actually experienced the 11:11 phenomenon, I believe that the digital codes are also saying something else: “Pay attention!” Our time is drawing close.

Peter A. Gersten

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