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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Had I known A Celebration of Women would be used as a forum for network marketing, I never would have joined.


There are a couple of people offering their services from mortgages to safaris; none of which I have an interest in.


It is unfortunate some people are "peddling their wares" in this lovely space called Architects of a New Dawn.


Dee Peterson 



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Dearest Dee,

As Founder of A Celebration of Women, I am curious as to YOUR comments.

What are you talking about?

Are you referring to a couple of LINKS that people have requested
to be shared in our LINK SECTION?

There is ZERO "Network Marketing"going on at A Celebration of Women. Our organization has been born to help women Celebrate their Lives; help each other grow into HEALTHY Women, with dignity and self respect.

A Celebration of Women is mandated to NEVER profit from any of our Women; we hold a policy to only support our Women, all the way through.

Any of our LINKS are members that offer their services to the Women of our World, with preferential treatment. A Celebration of Women has no part in these proposals, other than housing the LINK, as a convenience to the Women of our World.

Any and all of our WOMEN of ACTION are serviced and support completely 'gratis'.

If You are opposed to our offering assistance to the Women of our World, then, saddened Team Celebration will be....yet, negative contribution is not our forte; and responding to your comments has left us all a little confused; yet, not necessarily surprised.

WE live in a world with a race conciousness of 'always think the worst' and 'contempt prior to investigation'.

Hopefully, A Celebration of Women will inspire the Women of our World to open their hearts and minds to thinking of others prior to self; living in peace.

A Celebration of Women is a 100% self supporting organization, and any and all growth funding will be provided by Corporate Sponsorship and/or Corporate Advertising only. Our 2011 Agenda will be to conclude formalization of a NON_PROFIT Foundation, specializing in MICRO LOANS for the Women of our World; promoting our Women to Take Positive Action in their communities. Secondly, we have committed to TEAM COURTNEY for the creation of Awareness of the disease of PML.

* All information is on our website.
* MEDIA KITS coming soon!

Thank you for your input.

A Celebration of Women is looking forward to seeing you on our board, with positive news for the Celebration of the Lives of Women, and hopefully more sharing about the Life of the Amazing Business Woman that You ARE.

Catherine Anne Clark
A Celebration of Women
Founder & CEO

Dear Catherine,

To answer your question with regard to my comment, I am referring to the links on the right side of the home page. There is one link advertising a safari and another advertising mortgages.

Those are the two I happened to have opened. Perhaps I jumped the gun (as it were), however I do not see how this offers assistance to A Celebration of Women. If these people are indeed sponsors to A Celebration of Women, I would think it would clearly state this. If I have misunderstood, then I apologize for my comment. And, I am pleased to know there is zero network marketing allowed on A Celebration of Women.





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