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Dear friends, A close friend helped me realize how Hershey was an angel to me. My friend helped me realize that she stayed around for an extra couple of years, as I was going through a divorce and at the same time was being scapegoated by my family. She observed me reconcile with my Aunt and her 3 dogs plus nephew Barry's dog, just in last few weeks, and decided she (Hershey) could leave, as I was not so isolated anymore. thanks for your compassionate support, ron

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Raven was my beloved Flat Coated Retriever. He succumbed to Lymphoma in May of 2002, 3 years after I had my left ovary removed; it had been overtaken by a huge cyst. The cyst turned out to be benign, however I had not felt well for several years before the surgery and after the surgery I had the very distinct feeling that the cyst had not always been benign.

Well, after Raven's passing I contacted an animal communicator to see how his spirit was doing and to check in on my other dog, and my horse. While we were talking I asked her why Flat Coats almost always seem to transition from some form of Cancer, regardless of the lineage. She said that Flat Coats come to relieve their caregivers of Cancer and they do this by transferring the disease onto themselves. To this day I am convinced that angel saved my life.
Graycee II was a black, short haired tom cat with white socks and some white on the underside who showed up in my backyard one day in the Fall of 2003. At first I ignored him thinking he was probably ferral. But one afternoon as he was sitting on top of the old dog run I stood in the back doorway and began talking to him. Much to my amazement Graycee began chirping back at me and I must tell you I had never in my life seen a ferral cat sit down and have a conversation with me. Until then. And then he proceeded to eat from the horse's feed dish. Well, so much for my rules about not feeding ferral cats.

I could see that this little guy was (the vet figured) about 9 months old and he was hungry! So off I went to the store, came back with some Friskies and I set the rules. I told him he was absolutely not coming in the house; I was allergic to cats and there would be no discussing it. And by golly I stuck to my guns...for a whole week!

Nosiree I wasn't giving in and he wasn't giving up. At night while sitting at my computer I would hear him fling himself onto the window screen desperate to get in my office. This little guy was apparently on a mission and his orders were to penetrate the outer walls at all costs! Well, finally I relented; after all I am only a poor critter lover. Once inside, he couldn 't stay off of me. He would jump onto my lap, put his arms around my neck, cleave to my chest, and purr like a Harley.

Now the thing about this little guy that I found most interesting is that he was just about human. He could read me like a book. He knew I wasn't feeling well before I did. And when he picked up on anything at all he was "on it"! I mean he was all over me like a cheap suit! He could locate the problem like he had a built in GPS system. And then he would take an unusually scientific course of action to remedy the problem...He would lay his furry little body directly on the spot that needed tending to and that is where he would remain until he felt done. And believe me, there was no getting away from him until he had accomplished his mission.

I don't know exactly what this angel healed in me but I always felt better after one of his sessions.
Bridge-It (pronounced Bridgit)

My part-time niece, Bridge-It the Greyhound was, arguably, the most elegant member of my extended family. My husband was still working in California and commuting home on weekends, both my dogs had crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and my friend and Bridge-It's mom was out of town for a few days.

Now Bridge-It was an unusual Greyhound in that she had never raced. By some stroke of devine design she had been rejected at the track and adopted out immediately to my friend. She was not skittish in the least and could even be trusted to walk off-lead.

So here we were; just the two of us girls, and I had a very painful back ache. I laid on my side in bed debating a couple Advil when Bridge-It jumped onto the bed and pressed her spine onto my spine and proceeded to run Kundalini energy (it was very hot) into my spine. She stayed in that position until the pain subsided--for what seemed like an eternity--and then as quickly as she jumped onto the bed, she jumped off of it, layed down at the foot of the bed and went to sleep.
Manitou Springs, Colorado

I had time to burn before I was to return my rental car at the Colorado Springs airport. Upon inquiry I was told that Manitou Springs was not too far from the airport and that it was an interesting place to hang out and explore. So I parked my car and began trekking around town.

Now 10 years ago in Manitou Springs, the streets and sidewalks were neither even nor level. I was standing on a corner waiting for the light to change when I lost my balance and began falling backward. Suddenly, I felt a hand make contact with my right shoulder-blade and gently but firmly push me forward just enough for me to regain my balance. I turned my head around to see who had saved me but I WAS ALL ALONE. There was not another person on that section of sidewalk at that time.

And I knew, immediately, that my guardian angel saved me from falling over backward.
Roses and Chocolate

I smell them in my house, often, especially the Roses. I smell them even when I haven't had Roses in the house for months. I usually attribute the Roses to Mother Mary or to the Devine Mother. But I have no idea who gifts me with the heavenly scent of chocolate.
animals can be angels as well.
ARCHANGELS build in silence and guide our way.
most of them are far from honour and glory and often are considered mad.
So many animal angels; but two ( or three) who insisted on adopting me at specific times......
One, a wolf came out of the desert overseas and would not leave when I was 8 1/2. She was my teacher, mother and protector for the rest of the time there. And was very much needed!
Two, a feral cat, decided she had to be my bodyguard and warmer of anything that ached, She slept on my heart and purred during the time of recovery from divorce, any time that sadness seemed overwhelming. Aching muscles, or joints, she draped herself across the affected areas to heat, and rumble them back into balance. The rest of the time, she was very busy outdoors, hunting and keeping all the animals people tended to drop off in check, 'thankyou very much, don't bug!' She crossed over just as I completed all my training for Energy Healing work
Third was a collie, husky, chow mix who decided she was mine. Everytime people came to look at puppies and adopt, she hid. no amt of searching would find her. After other people were gone, she would come sliding out from places we would swear we had already searched thoroughly. Was determined I didn't need a dog during night work and day sleep; but, she was determined!After we survived a very roudy puppyhood together, she turned out to be the most beautiful tempered, patient dog I had ever encountered, friendly with all animals, children and friends who came. Yet, she warned me strongly if anyone arrived, friend or foe, so I could make the call myself. She didn't presume 'friend'... Always warned so I could come see who was here. After I fell and hurt my back, she walked me very slowly and carefully wherever I needed to go, until finally my body recovered.
My little Ladyjust crossed over this last week. So i am remebering all the little and big things she did to make my life very blessed!



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