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Santana new band played a beautiful concert at Perugia Jazz festival.

Santana live is one of the best experience in sound and more in general a worthy multilevel experience to be one with people's vibration.

we were moving our hands according to song rythm, the audience was cool i was standing in the 2/3 rd raw.

The most fulfilling experience was improvisations both from Carlos and by band members.  Of great notice Cindy Blackman's drum solo, Tommy Anthony's "Roxanne" , Carlos "insertion" of "smooth criminal" , 007 tune and "estate" italian mood and again Benny's insertion "con te partirò" during his bass solo.

Carlos live is an always innovative exp cause every concert is an original combination of schedule and balance of sound.

Opening with "mr mistery" classic hits such as Smooth, Maria Maria, Corazon Espinado passing through a wonderful version of Europa with extended finale. Song from ACDC and from Cream plus the the other everlasting hits like batuka none to depend on black magic woman and oye como va, jingo.

Carlos did not waste any moment to insert extra solos in "singing winds"....and in back in black for example.

A great solo surprise by dave mattews in soul sacrifice.

Santana's compositions are world music and his success and creations are interplanetary and in consequence his band is eligible to play all music from the world.

Live, you can experiment original Santana sound plus original interpretations of other worldwide music success.

A blessing to be witness of this experience please management publish officially all concerts recorded through the entire career.

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Carlos record every single performance and post it on you tube..............

people confonds your good sound with their bad recording devices and does not rate you well.

by recording every single concert:

1) you'll be able to capture the best shows and perhaps make a best as a collection of best performances

2) avoid people post without any autorixation your content (i had to cancel videos from my cover you tube the voice was you have the right to wipe out wild unhautorized recording) 

3) you'll give delight to your strict fans to enjoy every single concert from you (MY actual dream iwas born in 77 but wished to have had been able to listen you since 67)


Dear Brother Carlos!


Your Music, Spirit & personal Charisma is a Gift from God to me since nearly 40 years now ...

Thanks & Namasté.






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