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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

To change the world you need visionary ideas. But to gain acceptance they need to manifest into reality. Manifestation begins with awareness. The Rising Lotus project seeks to create a beacon for what is possible in terms of renewable technology. It is truely architecture for a new dawn. a development based on Triple Bottom Line principles (Profit, People, Planet) - the new economic model. . We hope that AOAND members will appreciate what the project is looking to achieve. We invite people to visit the website Comments most welcome.

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I think it's easier to get people to see the light when its financially beneficial. Especially in business i.e. eliminating plastic bags. Thanks.
Love, Erin
How far along are you with the project? And what is the "economic model" - I'm very interested.
I'd appreciate to speak with you about this project, and promoting it at the main sustainability site if appropriate; additionally it would be great to have you on our Internet Radio Channel as a guest to further explain the Rising Lotus plan, let me know.
The concept has had a great deal of work done on it and discussions have been held with representatives in a number of areas e.g. Perth W.Australia, Jeju Island S.Korea,Vancouver Island, B.Columbia Canada, Hawaii USA. The next step is to conduct a local feasability study, as obviously there are many considerations for a development of this nature - from economic to ecological. The emphasis at present is on Perth where the group is looking to carry out a Feasibility study based on the very good response from the Local Council Wanneroo and W.Australia State.

As far as the economic model is concerned. I suppose it is more a business model that grosses up to an economic model. The theory is well established and a Google or Wikipedia search will give details. In particular checkout the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

In prinicple the idea is not to simply measure the performance of an organisation by the profit ('the bottom line') and the return on (financial capital) investment it makes for its owners/shareholders - the typical approach. In fact its seeks to extend the definition of profit to the impact of the organisation on the economic well being of the host society.

Triple bottom line introduces two further measures. First, the effect on People - this is return on the Human capital - fair and beneficial practices towards labour, the community and the region of operation. It goes further in that it looks at the contribution the business makes to society - 'giving back' in that it contributes to the social well being of the society e.g health/education/etc.

The Third measure is the use of Natural Capital. This refers to sustainable environmental practices Do least harm and curtail environmental impact.

Of course any organisation will struggle to excel in all areas and there are trade-offs to be made. However, by even attempting to become a triple bottom line organisation is better than no attempt at all.

The real issue is one of balance. It is clearly not acceptable to 'score' highly on Profit and People at the expense of the Planet. Likewise to simply look to the Planet and People and ignore Profit is more the area for governments, not-for-profit organsitions - charities and the like.

My own personal view is that organisations have face up their a duty of care. People who (are lucky enough to) have jobs often spend much of their lives there. In UK that can be typically 40 hrs a week 48 weeks a year for 40+ years of your life. Thats a lot of time!! Therefore organisations have a massive potential for effecting how people think and behave, and the values that are considered important. If senior executives in organisations can show leadership on a triple bottom line basis, this will spill over into peoples' personal lives. I have seen this happen with companies I consult for.

I see a time when organisations are judged on their Triple Bottom Line Rating (rather than simply their share price). People will aspie to work for a TBL organisation in the same way that people have done for 'Blue Chip' companies.

So, I believe that by setting the standard high organisations TBL organisations will attract the best and brightest - this will be the 'reward' to the senior execuitves - as it makes their organisations stronger.

So, to summarise The Rising Lotus Project is not just a technological statement. It is also based on what we believe to be a sound business model for the new age - economic benefit, labour and community benefit and long term sustainability in terms of the environment.



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