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what brings me here now is an ark...

i'm thinking of building an ark...

not just any ol' ark...

a 21st century ark...seriously...

a perfectish storm is a-brewing...and

i'm thinking of building an ark...


I'm serious!

but not out of cubits

and none o' them stinkin' squirrels

is gettin' a ride...

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Aloha from Kauai,
This caught my eye as, in 1996, I received a vision to build an ARK on Kauai in preparation for the coming storm. The Ark would be built at an altitude high enough to be above the 'Waves' yet low enough to slide into the rising sea. All will be lost in the cleansing except those of us who had prepared for Rising Tides, MU Rising and New Beginnings. This link takes you to a musical production, in progress, which depicts this vision entitled "MU RISING". No mention of the Ark, but the narration and lyrics tell the story. Just following intuition...Craig
The thing is
this ark, I'm thinking,
well no boat would do...
(not that sort of storm)
You gotta figure:
there'll be energy issues - drill baby spill
there'll be economic issues - no bailouts for noahs
there'll be climate issues - no day at the beach
...a perfect beach...
these elements spiraling..
virally...conspiring...requiring re-wiring...
perhaps re-inspiring
the least capable most dependent
generation of humans that ever existed
to create not-another-boat,
but a means for ark...
just in case...



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