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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

In our so called ''Daily City Lives'' walking in the company of Machine-Cars their noise beating out our ears in every corner of any possible place,we are in such rush...In morning to start the work in afternoon go back to home,and at night watch TV.
The pictures of past-arts & violence of present copied through media and pasted into our brains.
People who are still in touch with their heart ,who refuse to disconnect to ''The Spirit Of Nature '' which is everything,the reason of our being and anything & everything that surrounds us;who are inspired by love & looking for peace,
People like me who still believe in good will we have to share our lights and reflect it to Mother-Earth.
We have to remember it is not just me,my home,my country,my people...It is our world,our home,our happiness.
We must never forget even for a second that at this very moment the Earth is turning round and round dancing endlessly around the Sun in such harmony...And we too never stop,we are always on the move turning around The Sun all the time.We are a part of this Cosmic Dance.Wherever there is a dying star or a borning star we are showered with Star-Dust.Universe talks to us in silence,its voice is always in our mind.We are inside of it not outside.We are surrounded by this peaceful harmony.
It is our true nature that exist inside Cosmos.
Never forget & do not let anybody forget ...Please remind everybody we are only one part of endless living beings in these Universes...We have to respect it.We have to understand it better.We have to connect it.
For how long more can we ignore trying to create an artificial world for our own selfish egos?
Nothing works alone in Cosmos,nothing can exist alone.Everything interacts & recycles with each other.
Please tell to as many people as you can,
That we have a responsibility to keep universes in balance & harmony.
Our responsibility is not to create as many pieces of paper as possible with some numbers on it.Which is called ''Money''...
If Money was The God,The Sun would never shine unconditionally...Moon would never show its face.
Lets pray & hope this ridiculous misery Human-Kind created and prisoned himself into comes to an end.
Lets remember & remind there is more above & beyond this Earth & Us....!

''God is the cause of all things which are in him''
Benedict Spinoza

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Thursday, Jul. 9 (

Those interested in tranquility of mind
should act just for the sake of the action,
for the benefit of the universe,
not for one’s own benefit.
It is only when a personal motive is present
that we are we subject to the dualities
and that we become perturbed.

Sri Swami Satchidananda
Thanks Ron!For your beautiful reply...!:-)***
If this simple ( but extraordinary in any way ) fact could hit everybody's consciousness,human kind would be busy with something marvellous.But most people prefer to be lost in nonsense works and get locked among four walls...Actually funny but true everybody is working so hard just to make sure they got a four walled space they can lock themselves in with as few people as possible...They are very scared of what is outside!:-))))))))))
And where is the priviliged chosen Human Mind they claim to be gifted with the ability to think that suppose to be seperating us from other beings and making us superior?????????So the belief goes....

After we ate dinner in the main salon of the sail boat, we went out into the cockpit to enjoy the wind and the stars. The sky was clear and there was no moon that night, so the stars and planets shined brightly, After awhile, each heavenly body appeared to shine separate rays into each follicle of my long curly hair. I had never felt so welcomed into the cosmos before. I did not feel like an alien on the earth anymore. I knew I was supposed to be here and for a reason. It felt so good, so peaceful and joyful. My boat mates said I was looked radiant, and their eyes reflected my light.
With dinner we ate mushrooms sauteed in garlic and butter. The mushrooms were picked out of cow dung paddies in a South Florida pasture just before the sunrise earlier in the day. They were cream-colored and shaped like a beautiful small breast - contrasting with the dark paddies. Yes, they were "psylocybin" mushrooms, however I could never eat them again. I developed a headachey flashback, if I even thought of eating them again. However, they gave me a secure bliss that I had never felt before, so they were like medicine to me, as they are used by many native peoples. FOR THE FIRST TIME, I KNEW THAT I WAS A CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE, AND THERE WAS A REASON FOR ME TO BE HERE. And I knew I would have to find natural ways, like yoga, meditation, creatitivity, etc. to keep that feeling! I have kept that promise to myself and looking forward to a ten day silent Vipassana retreat at end of month, and devoting the rest of my life to living an increasingly mindful life. Namaste, ron
Wonderful!I felt I was there too while reading...The Sea makes one feel closer to Cosmos somehow...Sailing gives Absolute freedom...I couldn't be that lucky for so long now,hope someday I will enjoy the open sea too!
HI Deniz,

I wanted to find one thing to respond to but your entire writing speaks to my heart . It is great to get this reflection.

thank u,
~The Universal Mind~Posted by GlobalNomad

The Universal mind is an all-pervading, all-wise and all-powerful Intelligence that is active behind Mother Nature. It is the Intelligence that first brought life to this planet. It is the Intelligence that evolved every form of plant and animal. It is the intelligence that regulates forces of nature. All forms of plant life, animal life and human beings are just tiny parts of the bigger picture.

One of the most important things that anyone needs to understand is that every living thing has consciousness has a connection to everything else in the universe. People, animals and plants are all connected to the hidden energy of universal consciousness that permeates the entire universe and 'wires' all of us together.
Universal Responsibility
Thursday, Aug. 6

Today, more than ever before,
life must be characterized by a
sense of Universal responsibility,
not only nation to nation and human
to human, but also human to other
forms of life.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama
We are seeing and increasing number of groups form to hold meditations for the healing of the earth.,. I belong to one as well. I remember the joy and passion we felt as we began to plan our direction.

Healing the earth , who could argue with that? How noble .Isn't it.?
And what does this mean exactly ? heal the planet.?

It's a bigger step up than I imagined. Did I know that all the practices, prior to with spiritual discipline, mantras, satsang,spiritual discourse , wise teachers , and meditation were simply preparation for the meditaton of walking my talk in everything I do? For that is what Planetary Healing has presented itself to mean to me.

Inviting people to join us, is saying ,
I for one, am calling self to be accountable for what I transmit to the the earth thru my thoughts and feelings to the earth's environment. I for one, am extending my meditation time beyond the moments when I sit and focus. I am extending my goal for meditation to include everything I do.

Did I know that the regular recycling, the mindfulness to use paper instead of plastic , etc, the practice of clearing my emotional and psychological "garbage" , some say" cleaning up my poop " is part of a walking meditation ? I am not sure I looked at it that way..

And yet, we are in meditation in all we do choosing what we shall focus on , whether it is with eyes closed in positions of stillness, walking with focus and direction, however we join the dance of life , no matter the where or how , once we have awakened , we know our direction is the HOME in our hearts.

How do we heal anything if we are sending attack thougths and feelings at each other? Or projecting our unresolved issues onto another? We go along knowing we have these negtive feeligns hoping that tthe "spiritual " stuff we do will count or outweigh the "garbage".

As we come to love the wounded bits enough to allow them to present themselves to us to be held , accepted , and transformend by us., we can bring more and more of ourselves HOME..

Each bit we bring home , becomes another spark of love radiating out from our beings. One less bit of fear. Until one day we our love fire consumes our fear as it m ay arise.

The more I clear or clean up my poop, the closer I feel to the earth. The more love I feel from her.
LIfe is easier. Things work out.

The book "Messages in Water" presents so simply the effects of our thoughts and feelings on the earth. If the message of this research resonates with us , we understand it all comes down to the presence we hold every minuet of the day. Does this have to be arduos and heavy burdened?

Watching the openness of young children to learning a new way to be will give u an answer on this.

The Violet Flame Mediation is a great daily one for assisting self and the earth to clear of feelings that no longer serve us. And There are regular practices one can do for Energy Hygiene. We take a shower and clean our bodies. What do we do for our emotional and mental bodies?

What we transform in ourselves, we transform for the earth. From where I sit, that is a bargain.
Yes, we can all do our part to heal the earth. More than we know. It truly is in our hands.

warm regards,
linda lawson



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