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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Rising in love lifts you from the ordinary to the extraordinary, increases your self-worth and balances your body, mind and spirit.

In this fast-paced world it seems that even love, the most precious thing in life, is often begun and over way too fast. Often either completely lost or maybe even worse, it is forgotten in a dull and meaningless relationship. When it comes to love, we don’t really want it to be fast, we want it to last. How do we create that kind of love in our lives? It seems to me that the root of the problem lies in our initial approach to love and our cultural perspective of “falling in love” as an ideal state to reach with another person. In actuality, the concept of “falling” has many facets that can lead to the ultimate demise of any relationship. What I want to share is a new definition of togetherness where we can “Rise in Love” instead, so that together we can have a world where love is never over too fast; it just lasts and lasts and lasts.

What then does define the difference between falling in love and Rising in Love?

When you fall in love, it implies a one time event; it happens and then it is over. Rising in Love is a continuous climb upwards, pulling us ever closer to our perfected nature.
When you fall in love, you lose your self to another being. When you Rise in Love you find your Self with another being.
When you fall in love, the physical attraction is usually is the most important. When you Rise in Love, the soul attraction is the most important, lifting us out of our egos.
When you fall in love, all you can think about is each other. When you Rise in Love, your thoughts reach out to embrace all of life.
When you fall in love, the ego wants to always think about you and me. When you Rise in Love you embrace an undeniable consciousness of We.

Since the movies and media already do such a good job of defining falling in love, let us now focus on Rising in Love.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Love is that it prompts awesome, important changes in a person’s life, such as embarking on a new spiritual path, finally embracing an ethical diet and lifestyle or committing more deeply to one’s ideals then ever before. Rising in love was defined more rightly by Antoine de Saint-Exupery when he said “Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” I would clarify that even further by saying that we can’t be looking in just any direction but need to turn our gaze in the direction of truth, where we can see and feel the light leading our way.

It is often said that in order to make a relationship work, we have to learn to compromise. This is true when it comes to the little things, for compromise in this context is showing an understanding of your partner, friend, parent or child. But when it comes to our ideals and values, each compromise we make diminishes our own self-worth, eroding the foundation of any relationship. Rather than sacrificing our core ideals, we can expand and deepen the relationship, by holding onto our values and encouraging our loved ones to do the same. In this way, we can lift one another into the highest parts of our selves where we know the truth, and can help each other to live it.

When people Rise in Love, they are like angels who have come to earth to make everything brighter and more beautiful. It is in these loving, honest relationships that people can feel safe to realize their own self-worth like never before. This new found self-worth promotes greater confidence inside us and in everything we do, inspiring greater kindness towards others, and a deeper understanding of our highest ideals. It also increases a natural feeling of peace and well-being, creating balance in our lives. Suddenly the eternity of NOW is all that exists and we are in that feeling of grace. These ideals of love are beckoning us homeward. As we embrace them, they help us to consciously evolve ourselves into our own angelic nature. It is here where we can see the glory of creation in each other’s eyes. It is here where our lives, our thoughts and our bodies can come together as one, in an effulgence of light.

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Wow, Golden, thank you for your magnificent description of "rising in love". I am going to copy it and take it to my Men's Group (Men of Unity) this afternoon. We men appear to be behind a bit when it comes to this subject?

"Joy is the realization of our oneness, our soul's oneness with the supreme love." Rabindrath Tagore

a cosmos of blissful love, ron
Thanks Ron. So glad you could apprecaite it. Hope it goes over well at the men's group. Many blessings - Golden
Well, the Men's group went very well, and I read your essay to the group. It was well received, and then a gay couple of 42 years not only confirmed it but added to it! It was great to observe Love Never Fails- the onederfull ideas from your writing being modeled right in front of us.
That line in my first reply could have better read - "Many of us men appear to be behind a bit when it comes to "rising in love." Much gratitude, Ron
This is a short story of a friend who when I first met her, had mostly negative judgemental ideas. She asks me to read her a "treatment" everyday. "Treatments" are really readings from Ernest Holmes Daily Wisdom. Here is a sample quote: Today my love goes out to all people and all things. There is no fear in this love for "Perfect Love casts out all fear." There is no doubt in this love, for faith penetrates all doubt and reveals a unity at the center of all things that embraces everything. This love flowing through me harmonizes everything in my experience, brings a sense of security, brings forth gladness to all and well-being to everyone. I realize that the love flowing through and around me and all things is one vast all-enveloping essence and force animating from the living God.

Anyway, this friend has always tried to recruit me for a sales position with her. I even tried it out once last year. It was not for me. That was last year, now she is describing her colleagues as a beautiful married couple - she a Russian and he an Armenian. She says they just "ooze forth a loving essence that makes her work so much easier." Her description has almost convinced me to try working with her again. Anyway, I want to meet that couple, and I am delighted that my friend has attracted such "beautiful" colleagues.
Hi Golden and Ron,

Rsing in love always made more sense to me as a statement of what happens to me energetically when my heart opens.Love expands , encompasses our littleness.

Each time I connect to love within , consciously let myself be there , breathe it in , radiate it out , hmmmm, yummy . .ahhhh.
thank you for this beautiful vision !
i am smiling as i imagine so many of us, arms outstretched, hearts open and alive, riding the warm air currents of all this radiating and rising light and love...

Hey Golden,

For me this "rising in love" distinction is novel. I am glad you took the time to expound upon it. Certainly, as I mature in life and get more in touch with my personal desires I want this concept of a loving relationship. However, it is apparent to me that it is the rare one who will think congruently. Thus I, and probably many others have settled, for the right now vs. the right one.

Too bad my ex can't read this, so she can learn how to be happy vs. dwelling in negativity.

Thanks again,
This is a very intelligent post, Golden. It brings to our attention the implications that we often utter in unconscious language.

"Falling" in love is not too far removed from "sinking" in love, is it? Loving relationships fail not because it was wrong to love or that love was somehow flawed. They fail because of a whole range of negative baggage that we bring to the table. We so often say "I need you" and refer to forming "attachments". What does this say? Are we talking of love or are we talking of chains?

We are bound only by our attachment to bonds. We are committed to our bonds not by those who would hold us to them but by our consent to do so.

We can choose to walk in chains and, in so doing, may be inclined to rage against the very chains to which we hold so tightly...

...or we may choose to take flight among the stars, where there is no destination for the flight itself is the goal.

The bonds are not Love but the need to possess the object of our love. The bonds are not joy but the need to pursue it. These bonds are based on fear.

Imagine if you could LOVE without need! Imagine if you could experience JOY without pursuit!

Then you would, indeed, take flight among the stars.
Tuesday, Jan. 26
Just as a flower gives out
its fragrance to whomsoever
approaches or uses it,
so love from within us
radiates towards everybody and
manifests as spontaneous service.

Swami Ramdas



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