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Summary of Responses to : Letting Go:Transforming Your Favorite Hurtful Thing....

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Got hurt feelings that you have carried around for many years? Welcome to life.You are in good company.Please share your challenges and succeses with letting go of that which no longer serves you.

.The foundation for these discussions are below:

* All feelings are valid for the person feeling them and they may not be true for anyone else .
*This is a non judgemental space. There is no right or wrong , only choices and consequences.

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Learning to let go of the past continues to be an 'enlightening' journey for me. For many years I felt that I was groping around in the dark and clearing my stuff due to blind luck, but in hind sight I see how I was learning, even then, to submit to the inner guidance of my heart, my Spirit, God within me. The judgments I harbor toward past experiences are for me the process thru which my mind strives to find meaning, and thru this process of assigning meaning to experiences, my mind creates for me a sense of self - an identity. There is that true identity that is found within the heart center - pure awareness - and there is conceptual identity that is manufactured by my mind. At some point in this life, very early in this life, I chose to move out of alignment within my heart center and I moved into unconsciousness and lost the moment by moment experience of who I am in truth. I began to let my mind tell me who I am based upon its judgments of what was happening in my life. This created self, this negative ego, existed as a result of these beliefs, these thought forms, and so my consciousness became lost in my own creation. The emotional pain of judged past experiences was intertwined with this belief based identity in a kind of energetic symbiosis. Letting go of the pain means letting go of what gives me that false sense of identity that I've become invested in over time. Sometimes letting go can feel like dying - so intense can be my attachment to the old identity. This is why I've found it necessary and beneficial to allow Spirit within me to guide me into rediscovery and recovery of inner potential such that I'm more capable of the levels of faith, trust, and courage necessary to continue in the process of letting go of who I think I am. As the burdens of the past diminish, I find it easier to hold my consciousness centered within the reality of Spirit rather than within the deluded reality generated out of my mind. Receptivity to the higher knowing of Spirit results in a mind becoming ever more purified and clarified over the subsequent moments to follow. This higher understanding makes letting go at deeper levels possible. No longer so lost within the judgmental thoughts and emotions toward my experiences, I am better able to experience each moment from a space of alert awareness, focused within the conscious awareness that knowingly chooses the thoughts and emotions it has. This has a feedback effect. Now that I know that I am the cause of how I feel, I am consciously able to choose the quality of my inner experience of each moment that occurs. Though I may not be in complete control of the circumstances, I always have a choice as to how I will experience those particular circumstances - with judgment, or with acceptance and gratitude for what each moment has to teach me. I discover that life is incredibly benevolent and compassionate and that the Universe has all the best and highest intentions for me.
The response below was shared anonymously:

Old beliefs about relationships, true love, and marriage are challenging to let go.
*I guess what I can say at this point, as it is an ongoing area. I feel that any beliefs I have made about relationships and marriage have been a way to understand the gap between what I see as the ideal and the large shortfall that happens more often in mass consciousness and in my own reality. Which was painful to comprehend at different moments, esp as a kid, so mental constructs were formed eg it didn't work as it wasn't true love. So that belief hasn't served me in these moments where the experience contradicts that belief, that led to much pain as the illusions came down.So the conclusion has been whatever belief i replace one belief with, will ultimately all have to be transcended, which seems like a pointless exercise. Therefore I am going with the new, I can't feel or sense into a new belief and am pondering is that even necessary, maybe a 'feeling' of the new hasn't been formed yet. So i leave self open to explore new areas, as old beliefs come up, i remind self to let go, that it isn't serving to bring into the new moments. I choose to feel trust, safety instead of put another mental label onto recent experiences. I see the future and the now moments of doing things differently, taking the lessons of the past and applying what I see would be different behaviours, so for eg remaining centered, releasing attachments to being in a relationship - which indicates a need so looking at what i am neglecting in self and seeking in other or avoiding with other, allowing self to see the truth and many other things.I hope that makes sense, its more of a feeling thing - i can feel the old fears and wobbles want to hang on, plus the heaviness of the mass consciousness that feeds the old system and the mental beliefs and constructs like to back that up, so the mental newness is the reminder that I am safe and I feel into the new strength of sourcing own love, stronger alignment and centering etc.
I was holding onto the pain of a series of rejections over time.They had stacked one upon the other like a festering sore. I had lost awareness that they were even there.

I feel certain that keeping the company and honest communication with ones who are a couple of steps ahead of me in ways I wish to grow is a great solution..I always have the model before me of how life can be. I have ones who are compassionate and wise as mentors.

s my suggestion to anyone who is wondering "How do I let go of something ?" I'd say, " Keep the company of those who have already mastered letting go.It helps to move into what you may already know intellectually yet haven't connected with on a knowing level."Once I could bring the unconscious pattern of rejecting self that was running to a conscious level,I could
move forward, free up that energy that it took to repress that memory. Each time a buried memory surfaces I get more of myself back and feel an ever deeper sense of peace within,

These quotes below have been passed on to me regarding letting go of the past:

* We choose to believe whatever we like. We create a myth around it and live with it. We can drop it just like we dropped believing the myth of Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

"We pretend to be condtioned, hurt by the past as if it affects the future.Give up pretending. Asking to see the truth opens the possibility for different seeing. "

and also...

* "Reaching and grasping dirties the mind.All grasping ends up in decay.

Thanks for witnessing my journey.
Going through some intense wonderful growth after Mom almost left me completely out of her will, including this wonderful old beachhouse that I have been renovating for a couple of years now. She left it and the bulk of her estate to my addicted nephew, her only grandson. Unfortunately, his inheritance is in a trust lawyer's hands, and he only gets an allowance for 33 years, which gives him no motivation to get better. And he has already self-destructed - you might want to read the post I wrote about him.
Anyway, after initial despair, I have rebounded with intense successful work on myself, which means one day of the week at the Baba Center, a sound healing service at the local Unity church (great minister - I get alot oot of her Sunday sermon there), working with Ernest Holmes's Daily Wisdom, meditating weekly with a Oneness Movement Deeksha giver (the best meditation), and a weekly prayer/meditation group at a local friend's house who is one of the original Jim Gore Light Workers, and who also spend a lot of time with Baba now. It is almost as if I have been forced into "Praying without Ceasing/Mindfulness Meditation" by the original deep feeling of despair/rejection after the shocking reading of the will. A great book about this ongoing prayer life is called gratefulness, the heart of prayer (An Approach to Life in Fullness) by Brother David Steindl-Rast. Here is one of his quotes: "But if we call it mindfulness or wholehearted living, it is easier to recognize prayer as an attitude that should characterize all of our activities. The more we come alive and awake, the more everything we do becomes prayer." p. 48
So I now feel I have moved from a broken heart to an open light heart assisted by some angels that I asked Mom to send me while she was passing on. I am so very grateful for this True Inheritance and to find this site to share it on.
Hi Ron,

Welcome to our Return to Love group. You have jumped in full on, courageously offerring up what is your learning in these moments. I am very grateful to you for doing so and I am honored to have you here.

I know that you are grieving and I walk with u in your loss. It is okay to grieve loss....any loss.

My mother left in a way I would not imagine which I will share at another time. Its just to say "remember to breathe. and let yourself be in the humanness as well as in the spiritual experience of it all.Our guides and angels are close , as they always are ,...we pay more attention some times than others.

Your story affirms for me again how every cloud has a silver lining.I love the quote you shared " The more we come alive and awake , The more everything we do becomes prayer. " This is a peaceful place to get to after trying all the other things we were grasping for to find contentment and purpose.

Some things that happen to us have no meaning that we can understand on the level of personality., of the logical mind.
I acknoweldge you for letting yourself feel as you feel , for .letting your heart break .for in my experience , it does break open. It does expand beyond our capacity to imagine. And we can feel thankful for the experience that brought us to our knees in surrender , in desire for what is our true inheritance that can ever be taken from us.

Ron, please feel welcomed to share any new insights ,questions, comments. Each one who contributes expands the group and site learning.

warm regards,
Linda Lawson
Saturday, May. 9

We must not wish for the disappearance of our troubles but for the grace to transform them.

Simone Weil



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