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What does unconditional love feel like, look like - tell me your experience?

You will wisely extend to
yourself an unconditional love
that will be the
light of your day,
the light of your life,
the light that will
brighten up the world.

Peter McKenna

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I read this quote in "The Miracles Awaken Within" on Sharon"s Playing with the

Most of you will counterbalance your love with the ego-driven portions of your own understanding,
because love to the human world does not have the purity needed to elicit the power and strength
to manifest. You always send your energy into the outer perimeters, causing a perverse energy
to reflect back to you. What if you didn’t have to go through all the drama? What if you could just
love everything in your world that you decided was the truth? The world would be a beautiful reflection of you

The underlined sentences comprise an excellent answer to the question, don't you think?
Very nice indeed. I will now go check out that website :o).
Lee said:
Very nice indeed. I will now go check out that website :o).
Thank you Lee, you are very affirmative, supportive person. I went back to original posting by Linda on "unconditional love" and found this by Silja:
The purpose of the meditation. To understand and to feel what we're doing it for. To Be blessed with unconditional love.

And I still would like to hear descriptions of It - 'blissful, peaceful, an awesome feeling of oneness with God and all"?
And I found it:

A Vivid Description of Unconditional Love
The following quote is from Angel Miracles (Inspirational Stories of Heavenly Help)
by Brad & Sherry Steiger.(p. 63-64)

The light within, around, or generated by the Benevolent Being became even brighter
as he spoke. You are loved unconditionally,' he said. 'The Creator Spirit is not filled with wrath and vengeance as so many Earth religions have taught, but that which you call 'God' is pure love beyond comprehension. What you humans have mistaken as punishment from your fierce concept of God is nothing more than the effects of your own action.'

Marissa said that the Light Being placed great importance on the needs for humans to begin to understand the relationship between cause and effect, because it was through this understanding that human spirit evolution could occur.

'At this point,' Marissa said, 'the light coming from the Celestial Being went through me, and
I experienced unconditional love for the first time in my life. It was searing and exquisite. It was as though I was being bathed in a light that entered every cell of my body and filled everything it passed through with love.'
Unconditional love in my experience is loving without condition. Condtions sound like " I will love you if u behave this way or buy me this , or if u say what stays within the boundaries of okayness to my ego." Marcelle 's comments of giving without expectation of return would be another way of stating this.

Certainly as a mother the opportunties have come many times over , to reside in that unconditional space ,so much that I don't record it as " Oh, this is unconditional love." My daughter has moved me to act selflessly beyond logic or reason with an open heart.

Unconditional love is the minimal expectation for ones who have awakened and have cleared sufficient amounts of the fear and woundedness that we have accumulated from choices made in this life and others. Some of us have made more choices out of fear and some of us have made more choices out of love. And thus is the nature our experience unfolding for us before our very eyes.We create our own reality.

It sounds bit harsh and this again is viewing life thru the eyes of th egoic personality. If we viewd life thru the eyes of the soul, it beomces a set of expereinces that provide for the soul's growth. We make choices, we learn "This works better when I do this ." We choose something else.

There is so much more to explore and discover about the expansiveness, the power of love . I teach this in Personal Growth classes in much more depth to ones who feel this info rings true for them.

We have to be patient with ourselves. Most of us have only relate to ourselves as personalities with egos and a bit o f heart when really it can become that our hearts encompass , envelop our personalites, our egos, our fears. We can transform whatever is within us and what i s projected up on us to a higher level of resonance thru the heart.

Becoming powerfully loving is not for the faintt hearted. It is being willing to recognize everywhere we have chosen to hide from the truth.

I will say that we settle for very little of our potential to know what lies within our own hearts.
much love,
In the last moments of Terence McKenna's life, I asked him what he was feeling...
He smiled and said "..the only real thing in life is love."
His eyes swelled up, a tear rolled down his cheek,
and he looked at me with the face of unconditional love and said...
"..I love you."

a few days later, he passed away...
with a smile on his face.
You know how they tell you on an airplane: "If you are travelling with small children, in the event of an accident make sure you place your oxygen mask on first."

Well I went to Disneyland recently with my kid, and on this rollercoaster I COULD NOT do this. We boarded this ride and all I could think of was getting his seatbelt on. Being in front of me, long lines behind us, time to launch, and with difficult angles the clasps just would not engage. I tried to put mine on, but it too would not engage. The attendant had to literally help me with his. Mine then became nothing more than a mere snap, which I magically became able to do.

Unconditional love is a wonderful experience. It is you losing thought of your importance and focusing on the health and well being of another. This may occur consciously or unconsciously. In this example, this was totally coming out my inner workings of the mind. I love this boy, and if he were not safe I would have had nothing to do with this ride, or park. For Father's Day he gave me a card with his writing stating: "Thanks for taking care of me daddy."

That really got me.

We are bouncing around what is the best love--that for self, God, romantic, etc. I really don't know, and am not sure I will ever fully comprehend any of it. I do know I have a connection with some people on this planet that is the REAL deal, as with my son and I would not trade that for anything. I hope to learn more about being right with me, so I can be right with the rest of humanity, the earth, other creatures, and life in general.

The truth of the matter is that I am LEARNING to treat and love myself in the same way. More will be revealed.

as i think about this, i imagine that unconditional love is simply what love truly is...all the other names and definitions seem to perhaps be a way to allow our steps and growth into this place.
anything allowing, expansive, flowing, unattached, full of light, feeling deeply allive - that feels like love with no conditions to me.
Comment by Muhumuza Kenneth Ezra 1 day ago ( I copied this from the Comment session ...Linda)

Conscious, enlightened beings go through life without choosing anything! This is because the divine consciousness within them knows the “best” choice to be made in every circumstance. By acting on this “inner knowing,” their mental body is free of concern about the consequences of their decisions, and they have no regrets once a decision is made, regardless of the outcome. When the need for a decision presents itself, the only mental activity that occurs is the mind turning inward to get direction. Once this is done, the quiet and detached mind simply accepts and initiates action on whatever directions are indicated; In many instances, if not all.....THE RETURN TO UNCONDITIONAL LOVE follows suit since its divinely directed from with [IN].... and NOT definitely from With [out]

The purpose of FREE WILL is not about the mind choosing between arrays of options it presents to itself. Rather, free will is about learning to choose the wisdom of the heart over all the thoughts generated by mind.

Life provides an ongoing series of opportunities to choose between mind and the guidance from within. The only way to assess whether an answer is from your heart or your MIND is to obtain the clear awareness that comes when the mind is quiet. Mental dialoging about a situation just keeps you in the mind, and this approach to decision making cancels your ability to sense the energy that is telling you to pay attention to the voice of your essence.
Our “job,” in the human experience, is to develop the ability to choose the impulses coming from essence over the answers flowing through our conditioned mind. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is an answer flowing from the Higher Divinity beyond this physical dimension and we access it by CHOICE....not by Default.

I Love You all,

Hi Muhumuza Kenneth,

I love that you put forth the essence of the challenge of returning to love so clearly.

There are many schools of guidance on how this may happen. Each having their own language and process. Thank you for your perspective and perhaps experience.

In my experience, as I "unbecome" relating to my self as only a personality which means I clear the masks of illusion I chose to wear,I become a more conscious , enlightened being.

Stilling the mind is indeed an integral process to allow oneself to access inner knowing.

"Our “job,” in the human experience, is to develop the ability to choose the impulses coming from essence over the answers flowing through our conditioned mind. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is an answer flowing from the Higher Divinity beyond this physical dimension and we access it by CHOICE....not by Default."

This last paragraph is a beautiful explanation of why so many of us are choosing the path of emotional and pscyhological clarity for personal growth and for our service work. By clearing the "stuff" we have packed away, never to be seen or felt , we become more able to still our minds, and to hear inner knowing. We do sense the flow of life from within.

As we develop mastery over our desires as well as over the thoughts that we energize into feelings.,we cease projecting out to others what is really within us. We radiate what is naturally there, yes, unconditional love and beyond.

Another very wise teacher, who is also on Architect of the New Dawn site , Michael King, by name, loves to say..."Nothing we do matters. It is the Presence we hold that counts."

Much appreciation for any reflection you have provided me with your sharing.

much love,
Linda wrote this beautiful piece of advice in "Challenges" discussion that obviously fits in here too: Thanks Linda!
What a wondrous day to remember that what I longed for lie within me. It is far more than anyone I met had to share .

Yes, I have met many ones since then who ,too, are becoming powerfully loving ( rather than loving power) .Each time we clear a bit of egoic energy ,we can call forth from within us , the energy of unconditional love.

All our hurts and stories brought us to who we are now, they are part of our richness.Those emotional wounds can be healed, freeing up even more of our true nature.


Linda, what profound beautiful advice, and I am taking the freedom to copy it over to the "Unconditiional Love Discussion", as it speaks so wonderfully to that sweet subject
Crossroads (the poignant rest of my favorite song by Peter Makena) He said he wrote it from "ideas that came through words I heard spoken at a seminar (I met him singing for a Byron Katy Work shop), and I realized how truly interdependent and fragile we are and that love starts out with being love."

When you adopt the viewpoint
That all that exists within your circle of life
Is nothing but another part of you,

When you come to the conclusion
That there is no one who exists, who is not part of you,

You will wisely extend to yourself
An unconditional love that will be
The light of your day, the light of your night
The light that lightens up this world of ours.

When you come to the crossroad
Where you can choose which road to take
For the highest good of all

When you stand at the seashore
And your boat is ready to take off and sail,
To follow an inner call.

You will wisely extend to yourself
An unconditional love that will be
The Light of your day, the light of your night,
the light that lightens up this world of ours.

Peter Makena (



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