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What does unconditional love feel like, look like - tell me your experience?

You will wisely extend to
yourself an unconditional love
that will be the
light of your day,
the light of your life,
the light that will
brighten up the world.

Peter McKenna

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Trust Unconditional LovePosted by Harold W. Becker on July 16, 2009
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Dear Friends,

We are at a wonderful crossroads of potential right now on our precious planet. For the first time in our collective history, we are capable and prepared to dream a different possibility for earth and all her many life forms. We have within us the balance of love, wisdom and power to bring forth a new reality filled with peace, health, harmony, abundance and genuine joy. Such is the influence we wield in our personal and shared lives.

The challenge we face is the inertia to the path of least resistance, otherwise known as giving in to fear. For millennia, we have chosen this easier route of succumbing to our fearful thoughts and feelings rather than embracing our ability to love unconditionally. Fear, being the mask we wear to cover our self-doubt as creative beings, has led us through innumerable difficulties, traumas and dramas. This seemingly simpler choice has also brought us to the apex of our adventure which is illustrated by our current outward global crisis and individual destructive chaos.

The present circumstances may appear to be dire and at times, almost impossible to overcome. That is what fear creates – the illusion that nothing is possible and that our ability to imagine a different outcome is of no consequence. Each time we embrace our doubt and step into fear, we strengthen its hold upon us and allow it to become our perspective of reality.

There is another choice that beckons to us in each moment too, and it is filled with infinite potential. It is a quieter and more subtle opportunity that is most often ignored because it necessitates being present in the moment with an acceptance of our true nature as self responsible creative beings. It requires courage, strength and determination to delve into our heart, know the divine bond that connects us to all sentient life, and allow our expression to be one of compassion and understanding.

In the beginning, it takes more effort to choose love over fear since we must first overcome our initial reaction to whatever is before us and release the doubt and fear we previously engaged and encouraged. With a deep breath and a sincere willingness, we then allow love to be our guiding intention through our thoughts and feelings. As we learn to trust unconditional love, we experience how this tangible, immutable power steadily brings all things into balance and harmony.

Ultimately, unconditional love becomes the natural path.
Love, light and peace,
Harold Becker, President and Founder
Am so Happy to be back here!

Thank you so much my Soul Brothers & sisters for hanging in here, a place i can now call "Home"! what else would i call such a network were "LOVE" is the "shinning star" in the "dark night"....

So much s happening here in Uganda-East Africa! The wave of Change that is taking on in economies & Countries such as USA, has started “sweeping” over Africa!
The results are both negative & positive. i would rather dwell on the Positive as i talk about the theme of....."A Vision of building a New world".

This may apply to you and me or any one else out there...


Motivated by a vision of building a new world were LOVE is the epitome of human existence, we have no time for indulging in negative thoughts and emotions.
with our Positive energies focused upon bringing the "kingdom of Heaven" on Earth, we don’t feel repressions. the sophisticated world may wag its finger at us and warn us that we will have to deny ourselves lots of good things. But the world is way wrong!

We are not living a deprived Life, but a world full of Unconditional LOVE for ourselves, for all humanity and all nature. and in doing this, we are not denied any good thing! we are not living the life of withdrawal, the one-sided narrow existence, restricted by intolerance, fear and superstition! No! Instead it’s a life of fulfillment.
Wherever we are-Individually or as nations, we Now choose Unconditional LOVE above any thing else because here-in lies the answer to all this generation's questions and all those generations to come after this one! Therefore we are enjoying a trinity of Divine Blessings, Spiritual, Mental and Physical. We have Put LOVE at the forefront of all other vested interests-Political, economical & social.
For this, Divine sanction has naturally placed us as Goodwill Ambassadors upon the plains of the earth. It doesn’t matter were we are! What matters is the Consciousness and enlightenment we all Hold as a single component of Humanity spreading/sharing our most fundamental Ideal……”Unconditional LOVE”

"Make Your Passions Write Poetry" (am choosing “Poetry” because that's my deepest passion in Life. You can choose whatever else your passion is and give it that "spark of Life". when You Love your Passions Unconditionally, every “spark of Life” into it is another magical, mysterious, miraculous illumination bringing to a deeper threshold of Spiritual awakening!

How could you ever Love another Soul or component of Nature, without first filling your own Soul with this “feeling of aroha” !
This means that every thing in Life can be lifted up to a higher expression, for it all cometh from Holy God or Divine Providence and all His Gifts are free and without Blemish.
Only man limits, binds down, misuses, mars and destroys.

When we place “Unconditional Love” at a higher platform in every area of our Life, then we can make full use of Holy God’s gifts and then we will eventually find deeper fulfillment. All we seek is with-“IN” us all and Not with-“OUT” us. Having this in Mind will graciously lead us to “The True Awakening”

I for-one, am still on that journey but I deeply know that in a “True awakening” there is the absolute realization that who you are is consciousness, and that everyone and everything perceived by the physical senses is that same consciousness. You “know”, without a doubt, that your mental chatter and all your mind and body memories are meaningless because they are part of an imaginary story that only exists in the ego/mind. And, you are no longer interested in this story that has kept you in an illusionary trance for lifetimes.

Thank You for hearing me out. As always, its indeed a hearty gesture being here and sharing such thoughts which may also be shared by any one here…

Thanks to Linda, Ron and all the others…

I Love You Deeply and Unconditionally,

Your Soul Brother,


We tend to be very needful regarding love. We want those we love to love us back. We want an interaction with love that binds us in some way.

I'm not entirely convinced that Love is this heart-bursting emotion that always moves us to tears. I'm not convinced it's something we necessarily want to shout from the rooftops and I'm not convinced that pure Love is as rare as the title of this group suggests. I think maybe Love is a much calmer and quieter affair than the descriptions I've been reading.

I'm not talking about the specific aspects of love such as parental love, love of a partner, friend, relative or even pet goldfish. These are all bound with needs... mostly the need for reciprocation.

But there is a love that moves through all of us; a love that connects us and this underpins all other conflicting emotions. I don't think I would agree that "love to the human world does not have the purity needed to elicit the power and strength to manifest". Love is pure. It may be somewhat buried beneath a lot of baggage and that baggage may act against the love that ultimately motivates us but it's there, pure and unsullied by all our posturing.

Sometimes the baggage taps into the love and that manifests as love with strings attached. But that is only ever superficial. As we strip away the baggage and constant chatter, we find it's been there all along. It's what is left when we dump the rest. Arne referred to "the last moments of Terence McKenna's life...". I read that as, having stripped away everything else and on the verge of surrendering this experience... or illusion, if you like... of life, that is what is left and it's the only thing that is real.

We don't have to return to love so much as surrender to it. But we must surrender everything in order to love without need. Everything.

Forget the caption to this photo as that was several years ago and the book is now out of print and the "Golden Dolphin" is out of business.
Thanks for adding this my friend, Tomaca, I came home today from my Vispassana Retreat today to find my old dog missing. I expected her to die soon, as she has lived miraculosly for 18 years. I got Hershey from a dog rescue org. after a big flood in Northern California 16 years, and she did a lot of traveling with me. Enclosed is a photo of me and Hershey. My wonderful unconditional Loving companion for such a long time. I have called the dog sitter, but have not heard from him, but I showed him where to bury her if she died while I was gone. She was in such bad physical shape that several have urged me to "put her down for a few weeks now." I said that I would not do that as long as she kept up a good appetite, and walked at least once a day with me. I noticed that she ate very little while I was gone, so I am fairly sure she is buried in that plot of land. Still there is no finality until I hear from the dog sitter. I have been walking around calling her name, and it looked like she tried to get under the backyard fence, as the sitter put some barriers up where she was digging. Still, my heart breaks at missing her sweet loving protective presence. She had a wonderful bark, and I live in a small cul-de-sac, and she would bark at strangers coming by. I don't know why the dog sitter will not call me back, but he gets up early in morning and maybe he went to bed early. I need that finality though, and I will build her wooden monument over what I suspect is her grave. Hershey your love will always be in my heart, ron
Sorry to hear about your dog Ron. I got back from San Antonio and got the biggest ovation from my sister's two hounds. That homecoming was better than the people....Don't worry God provides. Keep us informed...

Hello Capt. Ron, My sympathies are with you regarding Hershey. I hope you hear soon from the dogsitter... one way or the other. I understand the anxiety of not knowing. My cat Hobbes disappeared over a month ago and I still walk the neighborhood, whistling for him... hoping that if he is still alive and being held indoors, he will hear me and know that he's loved and wanted. Hobbes was a family member for 12 years, still healthy and still able to jump the 6-ft high wooden fence between the back and front yard.
16 years is a long time to love and care for another being. It sounds as if your relationship with Hershey was a gift to both of you... something that will be with you always.

I called this photo - "Dogs Go to Work". That is a bunch of years ago and Hershey is one very visible in back seat sticking head out the window. Isn't that how dogs go to work - with their heads out the window?
I finally received return call from dog sitter this am at 5:30, & he told me that she got into habit of getting out of backyard and going to house under construction next door. She likes the new rich soil over there and protected area that I think is going to be a car port - the wind sweeps through there. I went over there last night with flashlight but did not find her. However, this morning I went over there and found her at new spot. Hershey hates being locked in back yard, and used to run free, but she has become very confused lately plus one neighbor (confused) hates dogs. Also, I think possibly she was miffed at me for being missing in action for last 12 days, and rebelled against me a little, as she did not answer my calls last night. I was up most of night, with concern and grief.
Today 18 yr. old Hershey has taken me on two little walks and has eaten with a good appetite, and I have cleaned her some, which she has mixed feeling about until it is over, and then she appears to feel really loved.
Dogs never lie about love
. great that Hershey is still with us! thanks for your sympathy, ron



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