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For me, it was my maternal grandmother - "Bubba" - she was not a hugger or very expressive, however
her consistent loving energy to me was a "life-safer". My Mom did a great job while I was young, but I think she became overwhelmed later with the four other sons and the ww2 veteran husband in her life.
I want to write more about my family dynamics later, however, in psychology, there is a theory that if a child does not have this unconditional lover while growing up, they usually do not have a well-developed conscience. The unloved child turns into the "sociopath", the "psychopath", the criminal, etc.
Who was most important to you?

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Hi Ron,

My maternal grandmom was the consistant loving energy for me as well. She was a true guardian for one .me.who felt so upset by what I felt about where I landed.

Most of us do have some sort of childhood trauma. This trauma or wounding usually sets up what we can do for a our life work . We heal ourselves and turn around and help others.

It's cool to look a t this way for me. It definitely is a leap over beating myself up about what I did "wrong" or how shortsighted my parents were. ...Actually, they were pretty cool for all the trauma they sufferred as kids.

I fel t myself to be th e "odd one out" no matter who was doing what with me or for me.. I seemed not to fit .there was an awareness that there was so much more to life than we were making of it.

Now in hindsight,20-20, looking back , I see that everyone did/does the best they could/can. And so did /do I.

Since my judging any situation only makes for new such ones to appear, I hope and intend to continue to practice releasing judgement. .keep loving my choices, refining them so they align with the direction in which I am headed.
Knowing what to do is one thing. Actually living as I know to live,, that seems to be the wondrous daily challenge.

Bubba is the loving maternal grandmother that I was writing about.



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