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activation isn't necessarily a bad thing BUT WARNING NEITHER NECESSARILY A GOOD THING

Example of devil multiplying himself I am in shame of Being naked, i am detached from serenity in sex, i begin to spy, i'm in shame for spying = i am in shame of my shyness....i now it's a bad way...… View »

second step don't blame yourself

let's we forget to be animals. let's start thinking in a reverse way: we are too much egoist. we pretend to love to forget our egoism. there must be a starting point where our hearth begun to break.… View »

send your love into the future View »

first step no shame

fear can shorten your energy love is not necessarily the highest seems to be the right frequency like meditation OM let's activate ourselves to get off the bed in the morning wit… View »

let's move!!!!!!!!!

Economy is going to collapse let's spend our re-sources to meet and to live it up!  let's experiment architect's experience live by creating contacts...... who wants to spend  in december/… View »



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