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Do you want to heal terminally ill, rescue animals from a painful enslaved life, live in a society that cares and restore the earth’s environment? You can. When we all get together, it will happen.
Do you trust their solution: Agenda 2030? Never get a chip implanted!
Revolution! ”The punchline is in the fact that anyone who lives on Earth,
has an impact on his or her environment and thereby falls under the global regulation
And now one of the focal points of this sustainable development is:
the control of the world's population ".

Never get a chip inside your body. But they will say you can not buy or sell or collect your wages without it. They will put it under your skin. We will be slaves like our animal friends are now. Take action.

Let’s do this our way:
Clinical trials for R.S.O. and legalize cannabis
Cannabis capable of eradicating terminal illnesses.
And help our furry friends.

By replacing the animals
(do not kill any one of them, they deserve an well looked after life, just stop breeding them for exploitation)
for tall fast growing plants everywhere, we will restore the balance. Do the math, it’s enough. We will also have to invest in renewable energy sources of course. But we do not take their silly laws any longer.
Saying it’s ok to murder and exploit
and illegal to grow a healing herb.
Peaceful Revolution. Together we can do this!!!

Love Dawn Eve

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