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Pondering This

British Petroleum, and everyone immersed in the oil business are crude, crass, and have no class. It’s time to kick their brass. If a corporation is a person, than how do you best punish it for gross negligence that causes death and eco destruction? How do you punish its' shareholders for not controlling their greedy rampant child better? Consider just punishment being confinement as…


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“Culture” - “Community” - “Clique” (circle)
All Inclusive “I” - Big “I” - Little “I”
Legacy - Life - Story

Thank You


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To Uphold Peace You Must Understand War

FROM: is a behavior pattern exhibited by many primate species including humans, and also found in many ant species.The primary feature of this behavior pattern is a certain state of organized violent conflict that is engaged in between two or more separate social entities. Such a conflict is always an attempt at altering either the psychological hierarchy or the material hierarchy of… Continue

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It's of great use to wonder
Why our minds wander
In awe of it all

Being forever true
Seeking anew

We are just now discovering
That which has always been

Impatiently awaiting us
Craving our keen attention
And yearning for deeper understanding

Awesome is the wonder of discovery
And the power of awe

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