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New CD out! eXonda "over the limit"

Hello Architects!!

I am exited to announce that the new CD by chocolate soul-rocker eXonda "over the limit" is now out! Her strong voice and ton's of cool grooves make this a real treat for your ears! it features all live musicians, some of the best the New York studio scene has to offer. noteworthy is also that this is my first released CD where I play drums and percussion on all the tracks! The CD is now available on CD Baby, i-tunes…


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International Press

Things are really picking up for drummer/percussionist Henning Stumm these days, praise God, somebody say Amen!

Henning Stumm is getting more and more press coverage. After USA & Brazil now also in Germany

there was an article written about Henning Stumm and his music on the German online magazine "" by Nathan Noergel.  So if you speak german and/or simply are curious follow the link and take a look.



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performance Brooklyn Museum, you decide!

For a while now I've been occupying the drum seat for Eliana Marcia & Banda Azul and it has been a very exciting year so far already. we recently entered a competition for a chance to perform @ the Brooklyn Museum's Target First Saturday and,

Thanks to you Eliana Marcia & Banda Azul made it to the final 3. now we really need your help to make it all the way to become the chosen band to perform at the Brooklyn Museum's Target First Saturday. here's how you can help: just…


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winner of sojp radio listeners poll 2009

Hey Everybody,

"dancing spirits" the show that aired in march at sojp radio that featured my music and the poetry of LyriQ and highlighted both of our profile was voted "best show of 2009" by the SOJP Radio Listeners Poll of 2009.

I'm very honored and humbled by that expierence. I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and deepest gratidute to all my supporters.

if you would like to listen to any of the shows of sojp radio simply go to… Continue

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Drum Clinic Nov 14th in Lindenhurst NY

To all fans of drumming I am happy to announce that there will be a Henning Stumm drum clinic @ Jamhouse Music Studios in Lindenhurst NY on Nov. 14th

Image Hosted by

for more info call jamhouse music studios or visit me on reverbnation … Henning%20Stumm


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Jazzetry and Versatude

I want to tell you about a fabulous event coming up. On October 17, 2009 Spotlight On Jazz and Poetry proudly presents "Jazzetry and Versatudes." A wonderfully cool evening of hot jazz and scorching poetry featuring from Long Island, NY. the music of saxophonist Shenole Latimer and the Shenole Latimer Quartet feat. Henning Stumm on drums along with the poetry of four dynamic artists. From Nashville, Tenn. The Nxt LeveL, from East Orange, NJ. Amina 1389 Definity, from Lawnside, NJ. Sandra Turner… Continue

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Safe Dafur! please watch this

Hey Friends and Family,

for all that know me, know that Africa and her well being is a matter that's close to my heart. our civilizations through out the world would be nowhere near as "advanced" without the contributions that came out of the African continent and its people from it's early beginnings through today.

please take the time to watch this video and get envolved in whatever way you can to end these crises.

thank you.

One… Continue

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Hey Family and Friends,

On Saturday Feb 21st I had the chance to work with Giovanni von Essen as part of the "Distinguished Artist Concert Series" in the Old Bethpage-Plainview Public Library. It was a small auditorium that seated about 200 people, we had a nice turnout, about 180 people came. Giovanni decided to go with a small unit that consisted of Billy Titus guitar, Glenn Palermo bass and myself, Henning Stumm on drums. I got to tell you, Giovanni never fails… Continue

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a special thank you

to all my fans,

as a special way of saying thank you for being a fan I have posted a special song for you on reverbnation and it's free for you to download .

the song's name is "dancing to the rhythm of a dream" and was recorded a few years back for my 2nd CD the story unfolds. it features Rudy Linka on guitar and Thommie McKenzie on bass. this song is not available anywhere else so I thought that this would add to the value to the song.… Continue

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Passing it on!

Passing it on!

It is no secret that I am very passionate when it comes to the art of drumming. I have and most importantly continue to dedicate my whole life to study drumming and constantly reinvent myself in the never ending search of different ways to play the drums. And I never seem to tire of that. With that comes also the desire to pass on and share the knowledge I have gained through out my expierence. simply put. I love to teach as much as I love to play. with that in mind I… Continue

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that's what it's all about

On Feburary 16th 2008 I was reminded why I became a musician and what performing live really is all about. I had almost forgotten. I was performing with eXonda at a small venue called "Lefty's" in a small town called Lindenhurst. I had performed there before on numerous occasions with various acts from R & B bands, Rock bands even Jazz bands. The crowd there is very difficult in the regard that it is made up of the "regular" bar crowd, blue collar workers in there 30's and 40's, young… Continue

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how well do you know me? have some fun!

Hey Family and Friends,

this is fun, take the time to take this test and find out how well you know me. don't worry, even if you don't know me all that well you can still take the test and get to know me better. just follow the link.

get back to me and let me know what you think.

One Love


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come visit me on reverbnation!

Henning%20Stumm Quantcast

or sign up to be on my mailing list.…



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