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AkashicWreckage's Blog – January 2010 Archive (4)

~~Post Eclipse Report~~

--Post Eclipse Report--

Late Breaking News

From the Great Guides Upstairs---

The guys and gals who brought you last year's work slowdown---

We have an urgent report from all of them---

Earth-Students--Listen Up!

The gist of this, almost year long backlog of notices and reports, includes the following headlines:

Semi-Ascended People Losing Patience with Slow… Continue

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~~A Trip Down Mercury Lane~~

Mercury Moments in Time~~~

I recall the first time I found out about Mercury Retrograde.

It was a hot and muggy August morning in 2004.

It's usually dead down here in South Florida.

The streets in downtown Ft. Lauderdale were fairly empty.

I was finishing up the final preparations for various spiritual workshops that were scheduled in the months ahead.

One of the workshops had not one person sign up for… Continue

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~~~If She's Happy~~~

While I know my mom’s best years are well behind her---

And I know that each year is a blessing---

I realize that I’ve been graced to witness a different perspective of life through her.

A perspective that I will take with me when she is gone.

She and I have grown very close over the past 9 years, and I know that I am blessed to be her daughter.

There has rarely been a doubt (except when I was a teenager) that she loves me.

The knowledge of her unconditional… Continue

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~~Mercury Retro-crap~~

"How do you feel about Mercury Retrograde?" I asked Beach Buddy.

He's sitting across from me, facing a corner in the living room.

He's there with his lap top, which is hooked up to a keyboard---

Which is hooked up to two monitors, and his iPhone is also hooked into it all.

His earphones are hanging off to the left.

On the shelf below a table to his right are his aviation grade ear phones---

A couple of… Continue

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