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~Messing With Our Minds~

Beach Buddy asked "Are you not going to eat your cake?"

I looked at him, and said "Why do you ask that? Is it because you really didn't get the kind of cake I like?"

No answer.

So, I rephrased my question.

"Could you save me a trip into the kitchen and just tell me? I'm too tired to try to play this game with you!"


Then he snaps at me, "How long do you want to wait for the answer? Why can't you simply use your abilities to figure it out for… Continue

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~~The Lady Bug~~

I live in an area with a huuuuge amount of old people.

It's an area that was hyped up as a retirement area----and it's decrepit, aging, at times sad, and probably dangerous.

These super old people drive, and that makes it a risky adventure, on the streets here.

And, my Beach Buddy lives here too, although he is---absolutely---the youngest person here. He's in his very early 40's.

At first, he thought that all of the old people around here---well---he thought it was… Continue

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~~Who's With Us?~~

Last night, my Beach Buddy and I played one of our tried and true Favorite Games.

It's called: Who's With Us?

Sometimes, we play it in the living room, or, other times we play it on the terrace.

The scene goes something like this:

We're hanging around, talking or not talking, there's a certain quality in the air.

My Beach Buddy will get this pensive look to his face, especially his profile, as he blows Black Cherry or Vanilla scented cigarillo smoke, suggestively… Continue

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~How much--is enough?~

How do we know how much is enough?

When we ask for protection to surround us, or when we ask for angels to guide us and protect us----how do we know that enough of them are there?

Do they take turns, or do they flip a coin, what?

I pray a lot, it's part of my daily routine.

I pray in the shower, some of my best praying takes place there, although I wonder how much of it works, when at the same time, I'm shaving my legs and end up with a bunch of nicks---

Or when… Continue

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~He's a Little Shi(f)t!~

I spent the whole entire day on Friday----- doing absolutely nothing.

I think there were some energy vampires in full gear at work this week.

Energy suckers...

And, I also had to deal with the Bailey Situation at home.

He's an energy sucker---

And, he's an energy giver.

Even when he's sucking the last drop of life outta me, he's looking at me with this face that I could just eat up.

Bailey was quite needy this week, I don't think he liked me going… Continue

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~~The End?~~

I received an email recently, asking me how I healed myself of cancer.

Hunh? Who me? Healed of cancer?

At first, I began to write something along the lines of:

"I don't know if I healed myself of cancer. It could come back.

I didn't do anything except some surgery, a little more surgery, chemo and then radiation.

And, I could still get more of the Big C, who knows?"

Then, another part of me was going to launch into all of the inner… Continue

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Earth Angels

We can all be Earth Angels if we take care to be aware.

We must take care of Earth and all beings here.

Happy Earth Day Angels!

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~He's Got That Look~

"Is the past a misdirection" as someone recently emailed me?

"Is the answer in the future?"

So, maybe I'm not so----oh---off the beaten track with all of this shi(f)t stuff?

Or, I don't know---there's this part of my mind that is sorta saying to me--

"Look, Little Miss Earth Person, Would you please--- Shi(f)t or get off the pot? You know you're not the best of candidates to deal with change!"

You know, I resent that--now that I'm thinking about… Continue

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The End of the Beginning

I happened upon this last night, after a series of aha moments.

Just thought I'd pass it along, it makes sense and confirms a LOT of what I've personally been experiencing, and seeing in others.

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~~Spring Cleaning~~

So, I cleaned on Friday and I didn't shave my legs and go to the beach.

And no, I didn't journey to answer The Big Question either...

The day totally clouded over and the wind began to build up. It also felt a bit chilly, so probably the temps were in the low 70's---brrr!

A simple change in weather provided me with the opportunity to avoid, and escape, answering The Question.

Or, was something else brewing in the clouds and wind?

While sweeping and mopping the… Continue

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---Shi(f)t Happens---

I just might be a spiritual chicken-shi(f)t.

Here's why I suspect that this is a distinct possibility.

It's like there's this part of my mind---- yes----probably some idiot aspect of my ego---that keeps trying to get out of answering------- The Question.

I can't really pin point why I do that---oh I could pinpoint it, I just wouldn't really want to talk about that.

Then, there's this other part of my mind, which--- from a completely detached point---is the part… Continue

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~~~The Question~~~

I'm not too sure I like this Spirit Guide thing.

And, the angels---well---there are times that they bug me...

Oh, don't get me wrong---I believe that we have guides and angels to help us.

But sometimes they are big buttinski's.

Yes, I know, we have free will and that we can choose to go the way of the light and love.

It just gets boring sometimes.

I've been aware of the assistance I've received from "somewhere," for quite some time.

Waaaay back in the… Continue

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~~The Gift of Cancer~~

I have had a lifetime of blessings.

At one time, in the fear of uncertainty, I would have said that dealing with cancer was a fall from, perhaps, grace, or a fall from complacency.

Later I began to realize that it was a fall from unconsciousness.

I felt quite distant from God or Spirit. I knew I was fortunate to have family and my children around me.

I just didn't want to bug God/Spirit with my petty whining and complaints.

I was diagnosed with cancer midway… Continue

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Top 9 Spiritual Books

Not Written-----yet.

From the quiet corners of my mind, during a time of deep reflection and meditation, I was stunned to find myself channeling this list of books.

Your Spiritual Checkerboard----The Illuminati come out of hiding (so to speak) to share with us some of their Daring Dogma. Emma Reptile (not her real name) has been a behind the scenes confidante, privy to the Agenda of the Elite to control the masses via religion and mass dogma. Emma,… Continue

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--Black Patent Leather Shoes--

Grandma Hattie----

I do have early memories of her, one in which she was fanning my backside.

She didn't do nonsense well, and I probably gave her a fair share of mischievous.

I have this one recollection of her fixing my hair one day, and getting me dressed up for the arrival home of my dad.

I always had the cutest dresses, hand sewn by my grandmother or her sisters, who were Nuns.

Then, for whatever reason that day, I wandered away and found a little pool in the… Continue

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Isn't it amazing all the different ways there are to greet people?

It is the first expression or impression of our emotional aura.

In NY----- it's a chin lift, and you KNOW when it's extended from the heart.

A greeting could be a hug or a handshake.

It's hello when one answers the phone.

It's a smile and a squeal of delight.

It's the sound of mail landing in your inbox, it's the vibration from a text message.

As the Architects, shouldn't that social… Continue

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~Divine Messages or Meaningless Coincidences?~

Lately, things have been strange. Weird feel to the air, weird sleep patterns, restlessness, even impatience at times.

I began to come down with something---that everybody has been passing around at work.

Recently, one can hear---the sounds of a very different type of cough---moving in waves across our working area.

A week ago, I thought I was getting it---and somehow, I think I willed myself not to get sick.

This past Thursday night and then Friday morning, I knew it was… Continue

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~~The Mother Chronicles~~

The Mother Chronicles

Growing up, I don't recall it really crossing my mind much that I would be a mother when I grew up

I mean, of course I knew it was an option down the road, but it wasn't what I was going to strive to be when I grew up.

I had plans to be an archaeologist. But I became disillusioned when I would hear about all of the discoveries of artifacts, long lost cities and civilizations.

I figured that it would all be discovered before I would have a chance… Continue

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The lights are going out.

Ascended Masters will not be available until further notice.

44 of the Registered Arch-Angels are not taking any communications right now.

Spirit Guides are officially on strike, and we have no idea where the picket line is.

Chakras contemplating a shut down.

Dark Night of the Soul looming

No miracles in sight

In an unprecedented move, the Ascended Masters (excluding Jesus, Moses, Mother Mary & Quan Yin) have decided to… Continue

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~~~A Dream~~~

I can't recall exactly when I had this experience, time continues to behave weirdly---usually I can pull times and dates out of my memory, but more and more, that ability is eluding me.

Time seems to be changing, and perceptions of time, altering.

I knew immediately when I "woke" up that I hadn't really been asleep--I was immediately alert, and felt as if I had just shifted my vision, and was finding myself back in my bedroom. Even though I was laying in bed, it felt as if I had… Continue

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