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Clear, Clear, Clear,

Right here in the Light of the Lord.

Born anew from the all the shadows,

Step into the shining House of the Lord.


Let all the fears slip away now,

Let all of the Limitations go.

As you are drawn by the Power of God’s Grace,

You understand now what you’ve hoped to know.


Clear, Clear, Clear,

From the past that has held you,

Captive to the old ways.

Come forth to the Kingdom of Heaven,

And let your heart be transformed by God’s Love.


It is as Simple as a Single breath.

It is the promise of a Brighter day.

Long were you held captive

By the chains that now just slip away.


Clear, Clear, Clear,

From the burdons you’ve carried,

And the cross that you had to bear,

The ways of the world made you weary,

And finally led you here.


Now come to the center of Spirit,

And decide to finally let yourself be free.

Of all those old limitations.

You are here so let yourself be.


Clear of all the Judgment,

Clear of all the shame,

Clear of all the hatred

You carried in your pain.

Now you live with God’s Glory

And you join with the Holy dove.

Now your lit by the Brightest flame,

The eternal fire of heaven above.


For  this very moment you’ve chosen,

Right here in the Here and Now,

To be in the Presence of the Lord,

And sing the praises  as God shows you how.


To be clear, clear, clear

Feel it in your heart and soul,

Clear, clear, clear,

Let all of God’s Glory show.


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