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Divine Mother's Ceremony at Goddess Victory's Etheric Retreats ~ Waves of Bliss ~ Nasrin Safai

Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School

MAY 2012

Waves of Bliss & PTE Mystery School

We encourage everyone to spread Divine Mother's love and healing to all by distributing this newsletter wherever you feel moved to do so. Take it as your responsibility to spread this Light to five other people as your personal act of service.




Dear Friends,


Welcome to May, 2012. May is Mother's month and a time when the energies of the Divine Feminine are extremely prominent. This is also Mother Mary's month; May 13th is Mother's Day and May 23rd is the 144th day of the year which is an auspicious number and an auspicious day for Great Silent Watcher. In addition, Buddha is honored on May 5th with the Festival of Wesak which brings heightened energies of non-violence.


In this month's meditation, Divine Mother takes us to the Throne of Victory as Goddess Victory continues to grace us with her presence and her love. She is offering us a magnificent meditation that will provide healing to us, as we offer our services in anchoring the energies of Victory on Earth.




Please note: There will be NO 5/5 Gateway Portal Day Session and no other live events in May.


Have a great month of May imbued in the Love of the Divine Feminine,




Portal Days in May: 5/1/12, 5/2/12, 5/5/12, 5/10/12, 5/11/12, 5/12/12, 5/18/12, 5/20/12, 5/21/12, 5/22/12, 5/23/12.

Full Moon is on 5/6 and New Moon is on 5/20.




May Meditation: Ceremony at Goddess Victory’s Etheric Retreats


My children of Light, I am your very own Divine Mother.

I stand with you offering obeisance to Great Silent Watcher on behalf of Light, on behalf of Divine Feminine. On this auspicious day, I ask you to join me in Ceremony.  See yourself standing with Divine Mother before the Sacred Altar at my Throne. What we will do is to pour the energies of the Divine Feminine from this Altar down to the Dimensions and Realities below us. We ask Goddess Victory and Great Silent Watcher to bless this Fire. We call upon Goddesses, Quan Yin, Hecate, Isis, Mary, Athena, Pele and also the physical manifestation of the living aspects of Divine Mother in the form of Spiritual Masters and Gurus, to participate in this Ceremony. We will fill a Jar of this Sacred Fire to take with us to the thrones below.

What we are about to do is to open a Portal from this Dimension of Reality to the one below that is the Seat of Goddess Victory.  We have created a Throne for Goddess Victory in 121st Dimension (we did this officially inaugurating Goddess Victory upon her Throne on the 20th of March 2012).  Then I wish to pour the Flame from this Jar to the Fire at Goddess Victory’s Altar.

Imagine us now going down to Victory’s Throne. I ask you to envision that we are now standing before the Altar at the Throne of Victory. Goddess of Victory is seated upon her Throne.  We will stand at her Sacred Altar and pour the Fire from this Jar to mix with the Sacred Fire at her Altar.  We will ask Goddess Victory to imbue the energies of Victory into the Sacred Fire and allow us to fill our Jar from this Sacred Fire to bring to the lower Dimensions. Then we bore a tunnel from here down to the 21st Dimension where Goddess Victory has an Etheric Retreat.

Envision a Golden Tunnel bored to bring us to the 21st Dimension of Reality.  A miniature version of the Throne of Victory is erected at this Throne.  Once again we pour from our Jar into the Fire at this Altar.  This Fire is a stepped-down version of the Fire that is in the Throne of Victory at the 121st. We ask Goddess Victory to bless this Ceremony and allow us to fill our Jar once again from this stepped-down Altar that is in the 21st Dimension. Each Heaven has Seven Layers.  So the 21st is in the Second Heaven.

Now from the Second Heaven, we will bore another Tunnel, this time going to the 12th Dimension of Reality.  So we started at 122nd at Mother’s Altar.  We went to 121st at Goddess Victory’s Throne.  Then we bored a Tunnel from 121st to the 21st and now we are boring a Tunnel from 21st to 12th Dimensional Reality, where another Retreat of Goddess Victory stands.

Imagine yourself now standing inside of a Great Hall at the Temple in this 12th Dimensional Retreat of Goddess Victory.  The air around you has a Golden Pink hue. Envision that you are standing at the replica of the two Altars you have seen before at the 21st and 121st Dimensions.  Again, this is a stepped-down version of those two Altars. The energies must be stepped down for the multitudes and masses of humankind to receive it, otherwise it will be too high a vibration to absorb.  The lower the Dimension, the easier it is for each of you to absorb the energies. Furthermore, it would become easier for each of you to then take those energies to the Third Dimensional Reality.

I want you to visualize that Divine Mother pours the Jar of Fire into this Sacred Altar.  This Fire will not burn you.  This Fire is of heightened energies.  It is a Fiery Light – not so much the substance of fire as you know it in the Third Dimension but the substance of a Fiery Light.

Now, I am pouring from the Jug that was filled with the Fire from the 21st to mix with the energies of the Sacred Fire burning in the Altar at the 12th Dimension.  Goddess Victory will add the energies of Victory to this Fire.  You will notice Golden Light, Platinum Light and Pewter Light emanating from her body and absorbed into the Sacred Fires.  The Triple Lights, the Signature Energy of Goddess Victory, is added to the Sacred Fire in the 12th Dimensional Retreat at the Temple of Victory.

Goddess Victory, Divine Mother and Quan Yin stand before the Altar and take handfuls of the Sacred fire to rub on our hands and on Our Bodies. We bathe ourselves with the Sacred Fiery Light.

See yourself standing before this Altar. Goddess Victory, Lady Quan Yin and myself will now stand around you in the formation of a Triangle.  Goddess Victory and Quan Yin Stand over your left and right shoulders and Divine Mother will stand directly in front of you.  The Great Silent Watcher will stand behind you holding her Scepter of Power over our heads. We will scoop the Fire from the Altar and rub it on your body.  This is Ceremony to imbue the energies of the Sacred Fiery Light of Goddess Victory’s Sacred Altar in the 12th Dimensional Realm onto your body and being.

Lady Quan Yin is rubbing it to you, standing over your right shoulder.  Goddess Victory herself is rubbing it to your body, standing over your left shoulder.  I am rubbing it over the front of your body.  Breathe and Bathe as you absorb the Sacred Fiery Light.

Now turn around and face the Great Silent Watcher. I will be standing behind you now, rubbing the Firey Light on your back while Quan Yin and Victory will be rubbing it on the left and right sides of your body.

Facing Great Silent Watcher, notice that from her Scepter of Power, Turquoise Blue Light is showered above your head, creating a Dome that magnifies the Energies of Victory.  I will give you a moment as you stand facing the Great Silent Watcher while receiving the Sacred Fiery Light from the hands of Quan Yin, Victory and Divine Mother, magnified by the Turquoise Blue Light of the Great Silent Watcher.

Set your intentions for what you wish to manifest – what you wish to manifest for the next Three months, the next six months, the next nine months, for the next year, for the next decade.  Take your time. You may return to this state in meditation with your list of intentions again and again.

Repeat this exercise as many times each day and each week as you can for 22, or better still, 33 days.  Remember yourself standing before Great Silent Watcher, Victory, Quan Yin and Divine Mother in the Great Hall at the12th Dimensional Temple Retreat of Victory and receive this Healing Light while stating your desires and intentions. Think of it as a way to communicate with these Aspects of Divine Mother; receive a healing and carry the Sacred Light to your loved ones, to Earth and to all souls.

Make a point of starting each day, before you get out of bed, envisioning yourself in this position – facing the Great Silent Watcher with Divine Mother holding your back, watching your back, bathing your back with the Fiery Light of Victory, with Victory and Quan Yin standing to either side of you.  And set your intentions that the day will begin with the energies of the Divine Feminine supporting you, with Mother, Victory, Quan Yin and Great Silent Watcher walking by your side.

And every night, place yourself in this Grid and ask the four to take you to the Realms, to heal you, to guide you, to protect you, to empower you, to over-light you, and to illuminate you with the energies of the Divine Feminine.  Open your heart to trust and to be fearless, to live in Love, to experience gratitude, to enjoy this life.

Repeat this every morning and every night and if you forget a day or a night, do not worry.  Go back to it when you remember. With each of these Ceremonies, we will build and magnify the impact of what we have created together and what we shall continue to create together.  Remember to do this exercise for your loved ones, for the Children of Light.  Remember to perform this Ceremony, calling on all those who have been instrumental in bringing these meditations and exercises to you.  Set the intention that this Group and this Foundation is empowered to bring more people to the bosom of the Divine Feminine.

Remember to call upon the Divine Feminine, as you arise in the morning, as you rest your body at night and as frequently as possible in the course of the day.  Remember that I hold you in my own heart.  Remember that nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see you happy, healthy, and abundant.  It makes me happy to see you feel content.  It makes me happy to know you live in joy, in gratitude, in Love and that your loved ones are loved and protected, successful – that the desires and wishes of you for them and them for you are all fulfilled.

I hold each and every one of you in my own heart and I pray for you all of the time.

I am your very own Divine Mother.  So it is.


© FAGU 2012


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