Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

And in the Darkest night
We standby

And when there is a call
The Sky shudders
And the Light finds an opening
And still we are here

Even through the Darkness
Through all the eons
Still we are here

And When the Dark meets the Light
Even in the Glimmer
Of a new Day Dawning
We reach out to the sun
And the Hearts Call
When we hear

Be not afraid
For we are Here

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Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on December 21, 2010 at 11:14pm

"there's enough light as we believe

there's no enough light if you don't believe"

honest people are afraid of darkness. filthy people are familiar with darkness.

but darkness means also repose but what does society to garantee this.

work hours are the same throughout the year a part from seasonal jobs.


Soul knows that the fastest way to fill emptiness is to allow emptiness

so we have to listen to our soul and not our ego and let the darkness be

there will be a season in which darkness will last very shortly

at our latitudes two thirds of day is occupied by light and darkness but let'ds consider other latitudes in which darkness contends only 11 to 13 hours.  why those people are often poor and can't talk with us? maybe we are parallel realities. let's also connect to theese ones

anyway good lines. 

here in the darkness we have to take us by hands to pass the darknest night.

Have nice holidays, Cindy


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