Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

So more lyrics are I supposed to find some way to do more music??


Lord Heal this Weary Heart.


Lord Heal this Tired and Weary Heart

Let Redemption come to me

Let the Light you Carry

Show me How To be


All that I have longed for

Was to know a Love Divine.

All that I’ve been Searching For

Was to let your Presence be with Mine


Yet here in  the sweet hush of Dawn

I try to come to terms with Reality.

And The truth is that I’m

Afraid to face the darkness, that

Keeps me from being free.


Let me make some sense

Of what this world Is all about

Why there is such Violence here.

When its really just forgiveness

And acceptance that counts.


I know that there’s such Glory

In Heavens sacred land.

Yet here on Earth

It seems that money’s rule

And Power is in command.


Let there be some way for light

To shine down on this place.

And see that good is winning,

And we all can see the Way.


That this long, long Journey,

Is a pilgrimage to peace.

And that all of the worlds nations

Join as One to find relieve.




I know you have the answers.

I know we’re meant to find,

That there really is a greater Good

That lives in humankind


It seems to take all that we’ve got

To give ourselves to you.

Lord I’m praying that you guide us,

to love our selves

and our brothers as you do.


Lord bring the Grace of your Power

And let us start anew.

Today we find that Miracle of Love

Is in harmony with what we do.


Lord take all the Weary hearts

Into your loving hands.

Help all those who are suffering

And led them to find Peace here on this land.


I believe with your Amazing Grace

We can finally find a Way.

Out of the illusions of darkness

And live with Love today.




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