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I am bringing a two part article to cover a topic not given much media coverage or credence, as through my own very real experience, I now understand the science behind it and why I needed to experiences this first hand. I have hesitated in bringing this before now, as it is not part of my meditation programme or work, it was a unique personal outcome for processes I applied.

It has become a conversation piece when people find out I had nothing to eat for 18 months. Even now I only ‘eat’ when my body communicates to me it requires external sustenance, which isn’t very often!.

I know that this will completely throw some people, trying to comprehend how the body can sustain pure and natural health without food or what is perceived as the nutrients received from food. Don’t get me wrong, I used to love food, serious steak eater, almost raw, the works!

The journey of not requiring food was not a conscious decision I made, it had never occurred to me not to eat, so when I lost all cravings and hunger I was intrigued as to the reason. It was however the natural result of my consciousness evolving and through complete trust in my intuition guiding me (as with every experience I have) I went with it and was later to piece together the science of why this is actually our natural ability.

In my own evolvement I had been using meditation in various ways, trying like so many to find a way to get rid of the mind chatter, even to power walking, while listening to rock music and meditating at the same time! I intuitively knew I would find a process that aligned with me and the fact I was meditating on a daily basis, was a good thing anyway.
I was also in the process of writing 3 books, so what I began to notice was that, in being so absorbed in writing and research I would find I had gone through to early evening without eating.
At first, through the conditioning I would panic, that I hadn’t ‘fed’ my body, that my organs would shrivel up and die! As this happened more and more frequently I had to contemplate, there had to be a reason for it. For going into the automated process of going to the kitchen cupboards seeking food and then realising I wasn’t even hungry. I began to recognise my intuition communicating, although that default conditioning was still trying to put me in fear of body shut down.

Around this time I began to search for any similar cases and to my surprise and delight, I found hundreds of stories, going back millennia. In every religion is the mention of people going into long periods of fasting, Professor Michael Werner created a ’21 day process’ to allow the body to transition for requiring external sustenance to relying on the internal sustenance. Prahlad Jani from India made headlines by not eating or drinking for 70 years and eminent doctors had to agree after testing him.
I even connected with some local people who had not eaten food in years and I was brought into a virtual revelation, food has become part of the fear based conditioning. Although I still did not know the science of what was happening to me, I had the confidence to let go of the conditioning and allow my body to sustain itself.

Amazingly I found my skin improved, my nails began to grow rather than break as they had done, I had oodles of energy and vitality. I sensed it had something to do with my meditation, although the very strange thing was, even after 5 months of no food, I never lost any weight!


I was then to have another very practical revelation! As I tried different meditation processes to settle on something that would ‘work’ for me, it just wasn’t happening. So, much like the rest of my development, I took things into my own hands and created a meditation, only in this I added emotional release using the acupuncture points on the body in a very sequential manner, as I had come to the awareness I was still holding much negative emotional memories at cellular level.

I devotedly began to do my meditation daily, deep breathing, harmonic resonance and emotional release, my version of a food menu! What happen in the next 3 weeks was quiet staggering, I began to realize my clothes were getting loose on me, not just a little, a lot. I began to visibly ‘shrink’ before my very eyes and in 3 weeks I had lost 2 clothes sizes. Then I ‘got’ it, weight had nothing to do with food , weight…under weight or over weight is about emotions, the physical manifestation of resistance within the body, the outcome of trapped negative emotional memories held at cellular level.

Our bodies are just a mass of energy in every cell, atom, subatomic particle and DNA, our bodies are also approximately 70% water and just as in a laboratory,where gene research is done in a Petri dish with a culture medium, the body’s culture medium is the blood and our nervous system is the electrical system.
Food is atoms, molecules and sub atomic particles, all energy which is used as fuel within the body . We are conditioned to believe that the body has to have food input to survive, however through my own very practical experience I now understand this to be a misperception, that the body has everything it requires within it, to maintain pure and natural health, provided that the belief system of the internal environment is positively evolved enough.

I have subsequently become aware of the ‘science’ and conditioning around our bodies functioning without food and I will cover this in part 2.

It is important to add here, that the body cannot exist on nothing…that is, the body must maintain a certain cellular frequency level to restore itself to pure and natural health, if it does not receive it internally, it will seek it externally through food.

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