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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

This my friends, is a true story....

At many points in my life, I've become aware of the miracles that make their presence known, sometimes in wild ways.

It's become no surprise to me that the miracles meet me where I am, they don't wait for a better time or place.
They do not hang around just waiting for the right opportunity to pop in and out.

One day, several years ago, I had a day that was going to mean being in the car for many hours, including running to drive my boys to meet their friends.
That day would entail driving from one end of the county to the other, east back to west, then north a bit, then back south, then north again---and south---finally ending by heading west to go home.

I found myself in a waiting room of a surgeon who had removed the port I had to have for chemotherapy, which had ended two years before that---it had been my fear that a recurrence of the cancer might happen, therefore I left the port in. Finally, I decided that the fear of the cancer returning wasn't as great as my wanting to get that bump from the port removed from the left side of my chest. I was in the office to have what I thought was stitches removed from that area. The wait was long, there were dozens of people there. I kept looking at the clock, nervous that I'd be there for hours and thus have to disappoint my boys who needed rides to meet up with their friends.

An hour passed and then another half hour, finally I went to the front desk and asked how long it would be, and they asked me what I was having done. I told them and they took me back immediately, and then I was told that I had NO stitches---dismissed! LOL, where did I get the idea that I had stitches? No clue!

I called my boys, teens at the time, and got the timetable from them---they both needed to be at almost opposite ends of the county, at the same time, to meet up with their individual groups of friends, to see the SAME movie. Fool that I was, on the drive home, I set my mind to trying to figure out how I was going to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat.

When I arrived home, I asked each of them to try to change their plans to make it more doable----not a chance of that happening. So, I told them that we'd just have to rearrange things, I'd drop one of them off about 15 minutes early where he had to be, and then I told the other one that I'd somehow get him to where he had to go, despite the fact that we had to stop to pick up his friend and head about 30 minutes south to make a movie time that I could see NO way of getting to in time....

So, I get one son to where he had to go, made him kiss me goodbye ha! I started to head south, my eyes moving frequently to the clock on the dashboard and worrying that there was really NO way we would make it in time to the last drop off point. Picked up my son's friend and then began to hit EVERY single red light.

So, I did what any mother in her right mind (right mind---as if that were possible) would do---I called upon the angels of traffic and time---and asked for assistance.

I began to notice a stream of green lights ahead, and began to smile.

I then felt this weird shift, almost as if someone had put earplugs in my ears.

Then my attention was drawn to a car in the left lane, slightly ahead of me in the middle lane.

It wasn't the nicest car in the world, nor was it the most beat up car in the world.

But deliberately written across the back windshield, were the words:

Miracle in Progress!

And I knew that something wonderful was taking place.

We arrived at the last stop, with 6 minutes to son and his friend exited the car and I waved goodbye to them.

I watched them standing on the sidewalk for a moment and was about to leave, when I heard my son calling to me. He walked back over to the car, opened the passenger door, leaned in and kissed me, saying "Thank you mom, I love you.." He scooted away before I could say anything, but looked back over his shoulder with that look on his face---happiness.

As I drove into the sunset that day (yes, it was really sunset), I marveled at what had just taken place, the kiss and the miracle~~~~

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Comment by Jeanne on March 26, 2009 at 11:43am
What a touching story... the miracles of the little things. You know, AW, you are like an Erma Bombeck with angst... you engulf your reader with the full emotional spectrum. Jeanne


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