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Please Give: The American Democracy for Social Independence of the Heartland

Good Morning:

To all members of Carlos Santana,(Forebarer of A Love Supreme), we creators of The American Democracy for Social Independence of the Heartland, will like to invite by computer-light, your interest for this a community outreach program, to our support group.

The major purpose for the initiation of this type of community based consortium is to deliver the completion of Jesus Christ mission within the time frame wherein we have our innermost sanctums completed with the hands of those worthy to deliver a promise to be satisfied in the Lord Jesus.

The extension of Jesus work on Earth, combined the Natural Selective Temperament for Prosperity Reason and Gift show forth a future that was based on the Authority of Ending all things.  In the last verse of Book of Revelations, the Woman clothed with the Sun and the Moon hiding, that the evil dragon did not discover her as he made his way to cause harm, a great flood came to the place and drove the old dragon away from his reason for even being there, once destroyed, there were no more temptations, and the woman apparently was with Jesus as the Wedding of Jesus and His Lamb, bride, or chosen Queen, ended the last words of the 66 books contained therein, made an invitation to come to his own wedding supper and closed the book of life.  After that returning to his throne with the wife now to believe, they said Amen.  Upon this rock, I have immulated my rightful relations with the Holy Spirit, what happens next is a waiting and reconconsiliation, but until then, establishing this nonprofit community outreach that will include Religious Training, to include the 7 known books of The Savior Lord Christ, that were written during This Current Time upon which is the time in memorializing God's work through mankind and the sonship of knowing now how to live in our Today's Earthly Compromise of Being.

Our Mission will include Asking...Just asking for giving the money without arguements nor reprisals.  Our asking will be able to include buildings for ourselves as well as a convalescent home and research hospital for our community in the Heartland of Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  We are estimating this ideal will cost around 50 mn USD($50,000,000.00) for Architecture and Finishing Cost of our first development project.  We do plan other ongoing but this once finished and appropriated, will net a safety zone for our remaining citizens, who are too weak and face an uncertain existence without family to care for them on down the road of their faith.  

We start with other lead in services to the community such as education, foods, basic needs being met, we move from youth to death, and assist with funerary insurances, trusts, and wills.  There is a myriad of hiring, teachings, trainings, to become self-sufficient as we emphasize on human resources, human needs, human expenses that assist the whole person as they major have placed their lives in the hands of Promises of The Lord, we want to be able to live safely as asking for goodness, acts of kindness, as we return the same.

Please leave comments of support, we are actively seeking people with ideas and giving.  You may give now to a website based collections for our future buildings.  My name is Mary Isom, the Creator of this Community Outreach Program, you may comment here, and we ask to give generously for a cause to fight, homelessness, sickness, and a future of American Civil Liberties fulfilled.  The site to contact will be:  Please give to save our Future.  Thanks in advance to this website Enlightened with The Honorable Mr. Carlos Santana, a Supreme Spiritualist.  Thank you, Mary Ann Isom

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