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As we Gather to Celebrate
This time of Rebirth
Each a Soul looking to Share our Truth
To Radiate our Love and o Affirm our Believe
Are we willing to Let Go of Our old stories
And past roles that do not serve us and others?

Are we willing to accept Eternal Life
And allow the light to merge with our bodies
And God’s infinite Love
To Come into our Hearts and Souls?

Many Masters have shown the Way
And the Christ Energy is there to lead us and guide us
To bring the Blessings and Joy of a new Dawn

And we silently make a choice
Can we become a transmitter of this Pure Energy of God
Can we Serve as so many Masters of the Way have served

We celebrate the Ancient Story, we each affirm
Our dedication to the Creator and this Divine Creation
And we see how we can make a difference
As we are inspired…we can Inspire
As we choose Love…we can Love
And we can Shine the transformative Light of our Souls
Forth to the World
Each Part of the Miracle
Of this Holy Day

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