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The Sacred Guide

If I were to take an empty page
And dedicate it to your Love
Would the words come through to speak of You
Would the Love come from your heart

So many pages of your wisdom and love
So many gifts have been brought to me
So many ways that you can reach out
And be a guide in the darkness when I cannot see

And if my mind is busy
You still it enough so I can be
In the sacred place where the truth comes from
And against all odds you set me free

Let me be a testament
For the Light that can shine on Through
Let me be a vessel
That is a chalice of love for you

Let me give my gratitude
For all that you’ve done for me
I dedicate my life
As an instrument for the tools that allow me to be

And if the Heart gets weary
Let me breath the fire
That clears out the ancient worries
And brings the way to inspire

So I humbly say thank you
For all the glory belongs with you
You are my sacred Guide
Who eternally see me through

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