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True Connection


Let there be a true connection

Of your Love into my soul.

Let your constant beacon

Be my guide,

As the journey here unfolds.


There is a Fire that flickers,

A spark that burns so bright.

It carries a great energy,

To lead me to the light.


Let there be a true connection

Let you grace come here to me.

Let the Love that means so Much,

Be the force that sets me free.


I can’t run from what I really Am,

I can’t hide what’s in my soul.

I can only Pray

And sit in silence,

And wait until I know.


That the energy I feel,

Is fed from where you are.

That these words that I so need,

Speak through all time and space

From there within your heart..


All of Lifes illusions,

Are Swept away and then some

Awakening comes to me today.


Let me be your true connection,

Let my heart open the door.

May your constant Love

Provide a way to lead me to your shore.


I believe your always there,

Behind each breath I take.

I feel the Presence deep inside,

And a Spirit that’s awake.


It brings a healing from the pain,

It’s a way for me to Be,

Let Me be your true connection.

And let this love light

Set me free.



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