Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.



Unlimited radiant Light.

Let your Formless Source Be present

In the True Christ Spirit.

For I believe that as Christ was

A Teacher and a Healer, and at One with God,

So we can learn from his Living Heart of Love.


And if we can be open

To the unlimited Power of this Love in our Life,

We can be a part of this Network of all those

Who are Agents of Gods Presence in Being.


Unlimited by our fears,

Unlimited by the control our Mind

 and Ego contrives for our personal gain.


Unlimited in the Good that God can Bring

Through the Simple acts of kindness that come from understanding

 the need for this Love in the World today.


For Christ can live in the Pure Love in every Heart.

And this Love is the Most Powerful Force in the Universe.


It is not for us to Package or manipulate this Gift.

And it is not for us to mask our true nature

In a vain effort to hide Who we truly are.


For it is the Unlimited truth that speaks to our very souls.

It is the Very breath we Breathe.

It is our Eternal Life.

And in the deepest Magnet of every Prayer He is there.


So Recognize this Amazing grace that is yours to Commune with.

Allow the unlimited Light of a Force so Great

that there are really no words for to Be Alive in you in this Moment

as the Greatest Gift God has Given.

And let the Love this Gift is Awaken you to the unlimited Power of God.




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