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Wesak Full Moon Transmission ~ Judy Satori




Full Moon May 2012

Click here for: The Full Moon Transmission for MAY 2012

The Full Moon Transmission for May 2012

The Wesak Full Moon  - Regenesis Phase Two


The May transmission of the Wesak Full Moon brings phase two of a physical regeneration process.  The Wesak moon is traditionally the time each year that the spiritual hierarchy shower gifts and blessings on humanity and at this time tremendous changes are set to occur within every aspect of our being. 

This transmission continues the process of physical re-genesis and re-synthesis, working with the nucleus and mitochondria of the cells of the body to regenerate more energy and vitality.  When you listen to these energy transmissions you will feel better and have more vitality. All the Full Moon transmissions are to do with the regeneration of the body.  This latest transmission from the Elohim is the powerful catalyst to physical regeneration that has been transmitted.     

Other topics discussed are food, exercise and thoughts and how they impact on the regenerative process.   



Phase II Regeneration

Phase Two Re-genesis Energy Transmissions

This set of energy transmissions is phase two of preparing the cells for change, to increase energy created within the mitochondria of the cells and to ease ascension symptoms of physical regeneration such as neck and shoulder pain, disorientation and dizziness and sleep disturbance.  Listening once will create the required changes, listening three times, (not on the same day), will strengthen results.

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I have been trained by Spirit to speak 'Energy Words of New Creation' in the form of a spiritual light language, very rapid frequencies of sound and light that are transmitted through my hands and voice. 

I work together with the Elohim, the Creator aspect of God, the various Galactic Councils, the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realms to bring this energy work and information forward as part of a Divine Plan. It is to do with consciousness evolution and physical recreation for the Earth and the people of the Earth. 

The Light Language that I speak is energy - sound, vibration and coding - designed to activate soul memory, restructure the energy circuits of the body, clear karmic energy distortion, and recode the DNA. The DNA recoding energy is transmitted by the Elohim. It is designed to activate a process of re-genesis so that as the Earth is advanced to a fifth dimensional energy pattern, so too might we. Much of this process is automatic. My work acts as a catalyst, to prepare as many people as quickly possible to hold higher dimensional light. 

I have created this website like a library of information and energy transmissions to assist you through Earth's ascension process and to more easily do the service work that YOU have come to do. 


Read Judy's Story About How This Work Began and Why It is Important.

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