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At 1:30pm on December 3, 2009, jb said…
Thank "You"...



For "Being" my Friend !
At 5:43am on November 14, 2009, Louis Magda said…
Hello Cary. Glad to be a friend. Lou. Ciao.
At 5:53pm on October 17, 2009, EARA JORDON said…
Yes, I asked Richard my first day, and he referred me to Ning. I just tried it with a test 3-pager, and it DOES appear on the page. I don't know about 150 pages. My computer is so stuffed, it is trying to crash. I hope it makes it to get the screenpaly up.
At 12:36pm on October 17, 2009, EARA JORDON said…
Cary, Hi. That is really nice. Perhaps you can help? To start with, I am having problems getting Ning Support to get back to me!!!! Gurrr. Are they always like that?

All I wan to do is to have an ACTIVE PDF of UPLINK 2012 posted. I would presume it is would be in the type browser. But, UPLINK should be about 135-150 pages. I do not want people to have to click on the .pdf file, then go get it, then download it, then read it. That is a bummer. I want them to enjoy the comfort of reading, just like a blog or anything else, right in front of their eyes. All my question is, was will this system take 150 pages????
I will try experimenting, but do you know the answer????

Also, did you know that Richard Hoagland is banned from Facebook. Do yo know why they dismantled his site?????

Also, I'm so busy fixing this site, that I haven't learned the technicalities of getting, say, my Page, out to everybody. Do they automatically already have it???? I'm still compiling a gigantic list to blast all over the internet.
At 4:58am on October 8, 2009, EARA JORDON said…
Hi, Gary, Nice to be in your group. So much to tell you about my perceptions of 2012.
Would you allow me to push my film UPLINK 2012.the countdown on your Page?
I'm still getting to know ARCHITECTS . . . I'm very busy finishing things, then I'll be back . . .
At 1:50pm on October 2, 2009, Cindy said…

"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history."
~Mohandas Gandhi

At 7:24am on September 27, 2009, Cindy said…

At 10:01pm on September 17, 2009, Carlo Ami said…
Thanks, Cary. Am looking forward to connecting on the 2012 group.
At 7:26am on August 18, 2009, Nadine C. Patrice said…
Cary, I am glad to join your friend group. Great discussion. Change is coming, our planet Gaia is changing, a brand new world is on its way.
At 10:07am on August 11, 2009, DUANE LEE PROCTOR said…

Thank you Cary for the invite and for allowing me to join you here...God Bless and lets change the world...if we can...":O)
At 7:32am on August 9, 2009, AkashicWreckage said…
Thanks for the hand of friendship!
And, a heartfelt thank your for starting the 2012 group!
At 4:03pm on July 31, 2009, Ron Tocknell said…
Thanks Cary. That's the beauty of the net. We don't have to tie people up before we rant at them :o)
At 10:33am on July 28, 2009, thom danfield said…
i am enjoying AND appreciating the premise and the spirit of energy that runs through this "networking" site. as a friend, you are now "entitled" to check in with us anytime you find yourself here on the Central Coast of Calif. (i just made up that entitlement, but i think i like it . . .)
thom d.
At 7:05pm on July 27, 2009, thom danfield said…
thanks for the supportive comment; let's continue to hope that perseverance pays off and that ALL honest heartfelt messages get their rightful place in our 'democratic" process.
thom d.
At 8:29pm on July 13, 2009, Adam Lee said…
Hey Cary,

Thanks so much for the friendship - means so much. How are you? It's great to be friends. Thank you so much for your kind comment - I'm so thrilled you like the music. Means a lot.

Hope you're well, and it's nice to meet you on here. Holly's the best - she introduced me to this. It's amazing!

Have a great day.

Best wishes, and God bless,

Adam ;o)
At 3:31am on June 16, 2009, Holly said…
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At 1:41am on May 26, 2009, Holly said…
Thanks for inviting me Cary
At 3:19pm on May 23, 2009, Richard Lukens said…
Cary... thanks for joining today... I hope you meet some interesting people here... I have for sure... post some content if you have time...

Hope all is well with you...



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