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At 9:04am on November 7, 2009, Jeanne said…
Such a lovely home you have... and oh, the woes of home ownership, the ups and downs, the paperwork, etc... but all made worth it when you can put your own signature on it and create it as your sanctuary. Congratulations to you and your family!
At 10:06am on November 5, 2009, Jeanne said…
Hey Murff, so good to hear from you. I was just thinking about you a couple days ago and hoping that your absence was cuz you're busily fulfilled. I think something is in the air... cuz I left my hermit ways this week and actually ventured out and partook in social events this week. ...and I've been recieving offers and invitations by the boatload. Guess I'll just go with the flow while its here... and return to my hermit ways later.
It's good to hear that you've found a spiritual home... so important to have a source of spiritual food... especially one where the whole family can thrive.
Metta, Jeanne
At 7:01pm on March 10, 2009, Jeanne said…
Once again, you made me chuckle with your statement, "I feel as though I am being smothered with the "Good vibes and positive energy." Does that make sense to you?"
Yes, I understand... and you sound like such a guy. I'm thinking your masculinity can take only so many flowers and hearts. Or... you, like me, are a pragmatist. while I appreciate all manner of human expression, my preferred modus operandi is very practical. I'm reminded of a story I read in 4th grade about two sons who each bought their hard-working mother a birthday gift. One son bought her a beautiful comb with inlaid rhinestones and the other bought her a mop bucket with a squeezer thingie on it to wring out the mop. The one brother was angry that the other brother would give their mother something that was just representative of the drudge in her life. He felt the comb was a lovely and beautiful thing that would make her feel more beautiful. The other son, believed his gift would emancipate some of mother's time and save her hands from wringing the dirty mop water. Both sons loved their mother, both meant well and both had a different way of trying to give her what they thought she would like to recieve.
On this site, I'm probably more the mop bucket giver, while others are beautiful comb givers.
At 3:09am on March 9, 2009, Jeanette McDermott said…
Hi James -
You commented about my blog on bear bile farming. Most people don't know about bear bile farming. I didn't, until six weeks ago. But once I learned about it I couldn't turn away from it. And now I've launched a global action campaign to end the practice. The Ursa Freedom Project is probably the biggest thing I've ever launched, and I need tons of help. I can't pull this off without you. Will you reach out and take my hand?

Together, we can bring light into a world of darkness for one of Earth's most magnificent creatures. You can find me here or on the Action Network for the Ursa Freedom Project.

I'll keep an eye out for you. Thanks from me and the bears.
At 4:28pm on March 6, 2009, Jeanne said…
I hear you about Alex Grey. You know that he knows when you see his work... uh-huh.
At 10:52am on February 24, 2009, Jeanne said…
Thanx for the friendship... guess I thot we already were, with all the controversial discussing we've already engaged in. I find your bluntness refreshing and a great starting point for discourse. My peace warrior loves to come out and play with other peace warriors.
At 9:21pm on February 3, 2009, Djin Aquarian said…
right on, brother.
At 6:55pm on February 2, 2009, bill galante said…
James......Sounds like a pretty ambitious piece. I take it you already have a dragon on your back, and you want to incorperate the the tree and other elements. It's something that sounds like it would have to be done in a few sittings. Post a picture of your back as it is......Bill G
At 5:31pm on February 2, 2009, Karl Heinz von der Ruhr said…
There are so many equally good cameras out there that I don't want to get into a battle over them, suffice to say that some of these shots are done with a point & shoot while others with a higher optics SLR... I certainly am grateful 4 every feedback I receive on my work... it's that I'd love to have more time on my hands to devote to communication & networking, making noise & dance! Hey man, enjoy!
At 3:43pm on February 2, 2009, Djin Aquarian said…
Billy's complex, a good soul, a great artist......if you love his music what more does he owe you?..........Let's try to help each other get through this mess we're all saddled with.
Djin A.
At 4:14am on January 30, 2009, bill galante said…
James......In addition.....Make sure the tattoo shops you visit use new , packaged needles. In the county I live in, we can re-use needles, but nobody I know would bother. Also make sure the tubes are sterilized, and packaged. The artist should be willing to show you anything you want to see, and assemble the machine (s) in front of you. Good luck.......Bill
At 6:18pm on January 29, 2009, Karl Heinz von der Ruhr said…
Thank you so much 4 the accolade Buddy. Yes certainly, they are & there's more! Lots of beautiful times, Mate.
At 5:43pm on January 29, 2009, bill galante said…
Yes James, I am a tattooer. If you're looking for someone to tattoo your back, visit a few tattoo shops in your area. I'm not exactly where you live in Miss. But tattoos are really popular now, so there are probably a few shops near any decent size town. Check the artist's work first. They usually have a portfolio handy. Check the shop for cleanliness, permits, etc. There are usually more than one artist, check samples of all their work to see who might be best suited to do your backpiece. I hope that helps.
regards, Bill
At 2:21pm on January 28, 2009, Peace Portal said…
Blessings James,
How do you like the idea of a virtual game using the 13 moon calendar, one that pays everyone to play, and has a global party every July 25th since that is the day out of time?
Check out Free Digital Universe, the page on TIME & Bodies is under Game Concepts.
At 10:52am on January 25, 2009, Claudia van den Elsen-Westendorf Pieters said…
Hi James,
Quote: "My next one will be the 7 pointed star from sacred geometry. It will be similar to this, but no globe inside."
Did you read the books of Drunvalo Melchizedek?

You surprise me, again and again ;-)

Love and warm regards,
At 11:16pm on January 23, 2009, Claudia van den Elsen-Westendorf Pieters said…
Hi James,
I am ok. Just been very busy the last few days and today is another busy day!
I'm in training to become a natur-guide and need to follow a lot of classes :-)
So no stress, just enjoyment and nature ;-)
Today we are going to learn about the soil, ect. This, where I live, is a very interesting area. Hollands biggest NP! So much to learn :-D

I Hope Katrina didn't hit your home? Or of your family?
How are things now, after Katrina?

Love and warm regards,
At 3:39pm on January 22, 2009, jaime woods said…
This is a traditional flamenco guitar. It is much like a classical, but the dimensions are a bit smaller.
At 3:29pm on January 22, 2009, Marc said…
Yes, it is a White Falcon. They sound great and are tough to play because they are jumbo style arch tops with a string size that runs from 52 - 11 on top. It's a real cheese cutter compared to my strat which is 46-09. I have really only begun to discover all the tonal colors it's capable of. I have a hard time using it at gigs because I am still playing bars and small shows so it is extremely nerve wracking exposing it to the potential damage that can occur in that scene, especially since our singer is prone to a very physical performance approach and has been known to fling percussion instruments around wildly ....
At 8:43am on January 22, 2009, Claudia van den Elsen-Westendorf Pieters said…
Hi James,
Does MS stands for Minnesota?
I´ve been there a few years ago!
Just wondering.

Need to do some cooking....will answer your other mail soon :D
At 7:25am on January 22, 2009, Craig Wiley said…
hey, cheers for the add, im from telford in the u.k.


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