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At 9:59am on August 11, 2009, Cindy said…
Thankyou Ron.x..
Delighted it resonated! ;o) xXx

At 12:37am on August 11, 2009, Silja Saareoks-Kaldre said…

Ron, have a nice week and enjoy the every moment!
At 2:19pm on August 9, 2009, Cindy said…

At 7:24pm on August 4, 2009, Terri Arthur Berger said…
Hi Brother, How exciting that you were just in my beautiful city! I'd love to learn more about Vipassana... and I would be honored to be your friend :)
At 7:16pm on August 4, 2009, Keep the Light Records said…
Ron, you are so very kind. Thank you again. And, the little dog is actually my Mom's new dog, Tammy. I've been told she's a very old soul who has come to help my 87-year-old Mother work through some things....

My angel Reine hates having her picture taken with a passion, so she runs the other way if anyone comes around with a camera. Maybe I'll find a picture of her and post it, but at this point, I respect the grand queen's wishes and give her whatever she wants! Thanks for asking.
At 8:22pm on July 21, 2009, Am Joy said…
Happy to make new like-minded friend.
At 1:43pm on July 21, 2009, Silja Saareoks-Kaldre said…

At 11:56am on July 16, 2009, Harold W. Becker said…
Thanks Ron... I am glad you appreciate the message. We just uploaded the YouTube video version of the message too. Hugs, H
At 9:18am on July 14, 2009, Terry said…
Ron, I love you quote:
"If you love truth, be a lover of silence.
Silence, like the sunlight will
illuminate you in God

May you have a wonderful Vipassana course!
At 8:33pm on July 13, 2009, Adam Lee said…
Hey Ron,

Thanks so much for accepting my friendship on here, and for your kind comment - such an honour. :-) I'm so glad you like the music - means worlds to me.

I'm completely new to AOAND, and it looks really amazing! I'm excited to become a part of it. :-) Thanks for making me feel welcome, Ron.

Have a great day.

Best wishes, and God bless,

Adam ;o)
At 5:35am on July 7, 2009, Elisabetta Errani Emaldi said…
Thank you dear Alexander for your nice words,
A lot of love,

At 5:02pm on June 30, 2009, Marinspin said…
The views of the mountains and hiking in the Black Forrest and the mineral pools are all very healing. Dealing with the petty games in my guest house filled with sick super Lymies not healing at all. When I can get to the mineral pools by myself I really have a good time.
At 10:01am on June 28, 2009, Ron Alexander said…
Sunday, Jun. 28

You have given me Your love,
filling the world with Your gifts

Rabindranath Tagore
The Heart of God
At 12:26pm on June 25, 2009, Charlene Ryan said…
Hi Ron, Just curious, in reading my blog did you interpret the message as me being in fear? So deeply and profoundly do I live in the realm of love and trust. I have seen over and over that there is a Source within me who guides me. Therefore there is little space for fear. I thank you for your comment, and love message. Charlene
At 11:09am on June 22, 2009, Cindy said…
Thankyou for reading my blog & your friend invite Ron.x..
I look forward to sharing with you…
~***~ In L♥Ve, LiGhT, InSpiRaTiOn & J♥Y!! ~***~
Cindy x
At 6:18pm on June 20, 2009, Bonnie Zimmermann said…
Thanks for your kind words Ron -- I have been so very blessed to share and learn from Jerry and Diane -- we are all just students and teachers of each other. Thank you so much for joining the site and your inspirational words.
At 10:02am on June 20, 2009, Walter Heath said…
Hi Ron,
Never been to Hemmingway, but definitely know about the Radio Station. One of these days I'm sure I will.
Thanks for the kind words. You can go to my website and click the Purchase CD button. There are several options for purchase.
Thanks again.
At 8:50am on June 19, 2009, Ron Alexander said…
Friday, Jun. 19 (

Your life is always working, whether you know it or not. Sometimes it works to bring you what you want, and sometimes it works to keep you from what you think you want.

Neale Donald Walsch
Tomorrow's God
At 6:01pm on June 18, 2009, Ron Alexander said…
There is a new image above of Cao Yong's book about his escape from China.
Cao went to Tibet as a young man to draw the monasteries before the Chinese tore them down. The woman on the rock path going to nowhere represents the rape of Tibet by the Chinese. Tha government took away his paintings of the monasteries, and that is when he decided to leave. His Japanese girlfriend helped him escape and had the first book published in Japan. Delete Comment
At 5:47am on June 18, 2009, Marian said…
Angels Pictures, Images and Photos
just a little woodland magic to add to solstitial light on your weekend Ron x M


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