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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch - Good Morning America

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Comment by The Dreaming People on April 25, 2010 at 2:19pm

Well ...the ecocide issue and no end – hunting the planet for 40 sun orbits now...connecting clearly to the human culture of separation, conquest ,competition and ignorance( unconsciousness). The desire to be a winner...defined over a counterpart (term:looser)...therefore downgrading earth to cannon fodder. Integrating empathy in one's life for environment and fellow men is still not on school schedule. Sensitivity is not wanted. But it 's needed. Getting a sense for the living organism,the life form,the entity – planet earth(and of course the solar system ,the galaxy,the universe and is always integrated in another system...). Getting a sense for aliveness anyway. Being in touch with creation. Because that's generally still treated as an alien formula - there is this hole in human being – provided with the label :ego(“I”! ). So – how does ego try to fill it's hole... through the helpless attempt looting the planet(the”outside”)...
among other blind attacks(based on unconsciousness and fear) - which will turn against itself.

Look at your life....Fearless. It all abbreviates to one significant question :Have i understood the meaning of being alive? All these advices...get out of consume contest...stop watching commercial tv... reading commercial what you to your children,teach them,love i really need a car...are there other possibilities than always needing money for creative....for clothes go second hand...and so forth..we will start d o i n g these things when we understood that “to make a living” is an absolute inside-self project.

The plastic-lifestyle-winner industry wants to sell it's plastic - infiltrating politics pushing it to sell plastic-paradigms... – and we simply can refuse it. That's definitely not something we hear the first time...but....the time is there now to better do it. Not for not feeling guilty or obeying own fears but for to begin entering aliveness – instead furthermore running life's disassembly. Everyone has to decide for himself. It all abbreviates to one significant question :Have we understood... together - bound into society, communities and groups - and everyone for oneself.

As users of digital devices,that we all are here....let's also be aware of what we're doing,on every level.... sharing,long time use for PC's,Mobiles,Notebooks etc...still about what we're communicating – not how much...or how fast....

Finally...let's listen furthermore carefully what economy and politics have to say...:-)... on a global level concerning the authentic will to change the course they're on.If the mass media worldwide will walk on new paths...
He who has ears,let him give ear. dp


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