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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Marc's Videos (21)

  • Anchovies on the Moon

    Anchovies on the Moon

    The Author of the Video had this to say about it ( I just found it on Youtube) Don't ask me where t… Marc Aug 5, 2010 19 views

  • Serpents and Doves

    Serpents and Doves

    For some of my friends this is a very special time of year, for others it holds no more grace or si… Marc Apr 2, 2010 13 views

  • The Heart Sutra

    The Heart Sutra

    A monk vocalizes the heart sutra in native language. Marc Jun 23, 2009 19 views

  • Milky Way Rises over Texas

    Milky Way Rises over Texas

    time lapse of a recent night in Texas. May it fill you with awe and wonder of the vast universe of… Marc May 26, 2009 5/5 stars 11 views


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