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Are you happy with the direction the country is headed with Barak Obama as president?

As an old school traditionalist, I was sceptical, but willing to take the wait and see approach. I have waited, seen and heard things over the past three months that have served only to reinforce my original opinions. Looking at the big picture, will Barak Obama make us a stronger country?

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One man can not change the country, but the majority can if the leadership is not influenced by special interests. If we are truly united then there is no reason that the American people should feel anything but the rewards of honest labor. If we want better government, we have to fight and die for it. Nothing free or easy is worthwhile. Until the time comes when the legislators act responsibly and special interests have no influence on them, trust no one and preserve the 2nd Amendment!
Well said Stephen ....thank you!
Well, he works for the Banksters
He is part of game ...he takes money by the same sources of Bush....

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