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Do you think the internet killed Television?

I find that even the few shows that I do like are still dealing with real people. Like Wife Swap and House Hunters.

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I used to work in TV station before, it was about ten years ago. The films were on tapes, I did put these to play. But I've never been too much interested in watching TV, maybe some 2 hours a week. What I like more about the internet is that you can choose more what you see, when you see it and can actually take part of it. It is less passive than TV.
Silja, I agree. The scope is much broader and it is a more interactive place.
Violette, I wish my husband would agree to get rid of the TV. Although I have to admit the Discovery and History channel airs some pretty amazing shows at times!

Violette Ruffley said:
The way I feel about TV is that in 2005 I sold my set and will not bring another one into my home. The only programs I miss are Discovery, History program and others of that quality.

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