Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

As I've always said...

There is No End...

No Beginning...

There is Only Change...

Be Well.

Part II is embedding disabled.

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The "TRUE" Matrix? The matrix by the film's definition is untrue.
And the solution to growth and becoming our true nature is to be a part of the "Borg?" The "New World Order?"
The music used in part 1 is from the movie, Gladiator. I find this ironic.
Maximus Meridius (Latin) was centered in the Roman arena to DEFY the order and assert the individual as the most (Maximus) center of meaning and growth.
Some of these videos make me belive they were written by plant life. Plants convert about 1% of the Sun's energy they recieve into matter for the plants.
But there are animals who eat the plants and convert 10% of the plant matter into the animal. And then another animal eats that animal and turns 10% of that animal into a more dominant animal. And it goes on and on through the "food chain" of life. Life, it ain't easy, unless you are a plant.

The Borg needs the individual to comply and assimilate. This is much like one animal asking another to be swallowed.
Collectives never create much anything new and of value. Inventors and artists are uniquely individual, not "group think". Prometheus brought gifts to the collective, and they chained him to a rock, his liver eaten by vultures.
Herds are group think and they don't get to eat much but plants.
Plants don't actively avoid being eaten unless they they just follow their code, which is intrinsic, much like this "matrix" described in the vid you show. A plant does not worry about being eaten other than to become thorny or poison or just grow faster than it can be eliminated by consumption.

Animals follow their own nature. Some try not to be eaten. Some try to find animals to eat. I do my own videos. I do not follow the video you show because it follows me by a week now, when I uploaded this to YouTube, 7 days before this one you feture was uploaded. It follows me:

UMG forbade me from allowing embedding too. So I uploaded the raw file right here, since I produced it, right onto Architects of a New Dawn directly. I embed directly with friends, but they (you collectively) never bother to notice or comment.

But I care about them, the individuals, and I respond to you now. But you seem to wish to be a part of a collective, a no-one, not a Neo-One.

I like my video better, with a modified and strengthened, sharpened meaning. I'm not selling prayer lessons. I say, if you don't stand against something, you stand for nothing. The Borg stands for a collective and is thereby against the individual. I AM an individual. I AM one. I am a-lone. Otherwise ...

I mean you "Borg Swallowers", who mean to assimilate me for your collective gain, no harm. But I see you -- and what you don't want the individuals to see.

Conformity is not a trait of a good cat. I won't swallow that Borg, or allowing the many to control the one's we are. Butterflys are free, they want no part of a hive. Johnathin Livingston Seagull was not about being part of a "collective."He did not loft by being assimilated into a flock of 'seaguls.' I'm not so asleep. Niether was the crew of the starship Enterprise. The Borg mimmicks a true man,

This is a poor quality video (below) made when I was soon in learning my software, but even a kld knows to beware the "Borg":

Find more videos like this on Architects of a New Dawn Plants don't respond to animals. Animals respond to plants. When a plant eats a man, the man has not gained by it. I avoid being swallowed by your "true" "Matrix". But as I said the matrix is untrue, and your truth is in your mind, not mine. Call me dark eye. To be sure, I wear sunglasses.

I suppose Carlos Santana is an individual. His works are quickly assimilated by individuals. The collective has nothing to really say or do about anything. I see light from my dark center. I'm rambling ... be good.

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