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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The ultimate deep objective in life

as the sexual desure dims down the hunger is satisfied, you realize the true and basic needs.

There must be more than the survival instinct that gives you a reason to wale up from your bed in the morning, at that point, success, progress and even innovation seem so empty that vengeance, work, and profit pursuits seem even more empty and  unecessary than before.

Example is the parental dedition towards sons than turns to egoism towards whomsoever is not part of the family

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Never say, i do, i have done, i Will do.

Never feel like an has been, don't say anything about what you are doing cause Anyone cannot disturb you,

Never say what you are going to do because you have to do it. Never let Your dreams get broken by external entities.

In groups Your words are not taken into account

You have to be extra kind and clear and effettive to gain attention, you say hello, they answer with a more polite "good day" or vice versa

You are the Last of the number ones, the first among unsuccesful people.

They prepared you for winning  A first class match,   you are in a a 2nd raw easier match and maybe you are loosing.

Finance brought crisis to middle class whom used to sustain society.


You can't touch her flame, you are blessed.



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