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Have you heard of "Filthy Water" 5 Replies

Started by Erin MacGeraghty. Last reply by Rob Hale Nov 3, 2013.

Carlos' Perugia concert review 2 Replies

Started by Lorenzo Abbiati. Last reply by Thomas Sep 17, 2013.

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Comment by Andrew McDowell on November 3, 2013 at 6:36pm

Why would you block me, what is so wrong about sharing, preaching my faith?The news on TV spread hatred and lies to the American public, and our government is in complete corruption, you would rather listen to them?Cause in my opinion I'm way more positive the those outlets.Dang man can't a brother get some peace around here?

Comment by Vicente N. Carranza on November 3, 2013 at 4:35pm

Mr. McDowell  You are  P R E A C H I N G.   I'll say it again I am not in to that any more. I do not want to hear it or read it.  If I  could block you I would.  And I am damn sure that any comment to you is only giving you a platform.  I really have to stop.

Comment by Andrew McDowell on November 3, 2013 at 2:26pm

The thing is, Rob and Vicente, There is a common cord with all blood bought believers, and born again Christians, is the fundamental idea of the faith, that without Christ's death, there is no forgiveness of sins.And without his resurrection, we can not be justified from sin and have eternal life, to spend eternity with Him forever. Hey thanks again AOAND!

Comment by Andrew McDowell on November 3, 2013 at 1:37pm

Hey thanks Vicente for your input, no, I don't enjoy all of this wrangling.I wish there was a better way, that there would be no contravercy  concerning these topics of the "church" or religion.I'm not sure why people feel it is the church that uses the idea of hell to make them submissive to the church, or a scare tactic to get people into the church.It is mentioned in the bible over 300 times, hell, hades, sheol.Jesus speaks about it several times in the Gospels.It is not what I would really like to speak about, it is not very nice to talk about.(if I were god) I would have never made a place like that, and everyone would go to heaven, and people could do whatever they want.But I'm not god, and I do not have access to the all knowing magnificent wisdom of why God does the things he does.And as a child of God I do not question, because I know there is a reason, yet unknown. 

Hey Rob, thanks for sharing, I grew up in a good family and had a decent childhood.I was not raised into the church although I did go to church, probably to go to sleep and didn't really wanted to be there lol.I had no understanding or idea of what salvation meant and no one explained it to me at that time.But my life took a different course when I started experimenting with drugs.I hate to say this but I was a poser hippie when the "hippie" thing made a resergence  in the mid to late 90's.Love, and peace were my madoe's, and world peace was my forefront.I was against Christianity, our governmental system, and the institution of education.I started my course of sobriety in 98' and I started studying Shamanism, for two years I practiced as a light worker in Indian shamanistic practices.There was actually a store that I frequented called Mystic Valley, where I saught a pshycic as a guide.There mere fact that I believed in what I did, was beneficial and helped me through that time.I think that religions and belief systems are beneficial, and can be useful.Though I don't agree with other religions, a thought process or a belief in a higher power can benefit the individual.One day when I was meditating at the park I saw an image of Jesus in the sky in the clouds, and I really didn't give it much thought, I was like huh, that was weird.For some reason I don't know how but God turned me to Him, and grabbed me.I met some Christian brothers at a coffee shop I frequented and said the "sinners" prayer, nothing happened, but maybe a positive feeling.In short I had a lot of bad experiances for the next two years, and was close to death several times.It wasn't til I started praying, believing, and reading my bible that I had a spiritual exsperiance.My eyes were opened and the scripture or Holy word became alive to me.The Holy Spirit took hold of me and filled me, sealed me in the purest spirit of love and grace I have ever exsperianced.I knew that I knew it was going to be the right decision for the course of my life.Ever since I have been set on a course and journey with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.I will say there are a lot of charletons and posers in the Christian faith, in the church today, false techers ect. "JUDGEMENT STARTS IN THE HOUSE OF GOD." Believe me the Chruch will be judged about how they have conducted themselves.And how they have taken care of what God has given them. The teachings of hell, condemnation, and the wrath of God are not very appetizing, and were hard for me to swallow myself.But it is what I have come to believe.Yes it is scary for me to think that I could spend eternity in a place of fire and torment forever.But it is not what my primary focus is, there is "good news!"It all starts with Jesus and the magnificent sacrifice he made for this planet.And there is a joy that comes with it, being enlightened in the knowledge of the mysteries of God's universe, and God Himself, to see His glory in all creation, and to know that whatever happens, God is on my side.And I have nothing to fear.Thanks for letting me share!

Comment by Vicente N. Carranza on November 3, 2013 at 6:54am

Morning Mr. Hale.  I got it and I feel it. Thank you so much for your deep words of wisdom.  In this country you are one of the few who is way ahead of the 'crowed'. Today when it comes to religion it is very raw when I learn something from someone. I learn something from you. From the heart thank you.  Also I love it and I agree with you 100% what you said about Jesus not liking what the church has done to His legacy. Spirituality is my thing also but sometimes due to my heart I have to deal with religion to help others to get to where we are at. Its hard and very frustrating at time but I feel I have to do it.  Blessing to our - you & me - and everyone Christ Consciousness.

Comment by Rob Hale on November 3, 2013 at 6:29am


I apologize if you felt I was speaking out of turn by asking you and Mr. McD to stop arguing semantics - I did not mean to insult, only to point out that this argument has played out so many times on so many different forums, and no new answers have ever (in my experience, at least) come from such debates.  Some people are set in their ways to such an extent that they feel they must change others in order to feel fulfilled.  I personally consider that type of approach similar to bullying - such as threatening 'Hell' if you do not agree to think their way...  I know there is no such place, in my heart.  All of my explorations into the spiritual realm lead me to believe that the only Hell that exists is in the minds and often the lives of those who have been browbeaten by organized religion.  I think the Earth is a testing ground for souls - each of us is a small fragment of the Source, God, the Christ Consciousness, whatever you choose to call the Creator Energy that spawned 'All That Is'.  We are here to learn lessons that can only be learned while our souls are incarnate, here on Earth, in the 3rd Dimensional realm of reality, where time exists as a separate entity from space, so that we are forced to experience 1ife in little pieces - the ever moving "NOW", or present, looking toward the future and back at the past.  In truth, all time is an illusion, all "nows" exist simultaneously when we leave this realm an cross back into pure spirit forms.  But there are advantages to being forced to live life in a linear-time/space fashion that can only be experienced while we are incarnate here on Earth.  I believe that Earth is one of the Great Proving Grounds of the Universe, and that it is a great challenge, and a great place to learn lessons like Karma and consequence, Kindness, and the power of unconditional love for all.  Obviously not everyone feels the way I do, and thank God for that, for there would be no challenge in living a limited linear life here on Earth.  We are born and die and reborn here many times, each pass taking us either closer to or farther from Source, depending on our actions towards others while we live and learn.  This is just my way, I do not expect you or anyone else to take what I say at face value, I simply do and say what I think is right, and those who can benefit from my example, more to the good! :)  I hope you can find peace with Mr. McD, but I fear he is one of those who cannot move outside the 'box' of the religion he has been brought up to believe.  That is okay, too - he will learn, as we all do, what the truth truly is, once he crosses the veil into spirit.  I truly believe that we are not sinners nor saints, and I don't buy the whole 'original sin' story.  I really dig what Jesus said and did while he was here, but I don't think he would be happy with what the churches have done to his legacy.  I think if he came back as himself, and strolled into a Catholic church only to see his dead body hanging there, being worshipped by all, he'd probably run screaming from the building!  LOL  Anyway, as I said, I'm not going to join in the argument/debate about religion, because it is not for me.  Spiritualism is my thing.  I hope I haven't offended anyone, as that was not my intention.  I just wanted to give you a peek into my belief system, so you would know where I'm coming from.

Once again, Peace and Unconditional Love to you all.


Comment by Vicente N. Carranza on November 3, 2013 at 4:24am

Mr. Hale we always have a smart one in the crowd. Right! Yes we are discussing semantics.  You know why. Two reasons.  Websites like this are for discussing for one and two we learn from each other, I hope - if we are not close minded.  Right!.  Mr McDowell started his discussion.  I responded to him the best way I know how and not to you Mr. Hale.  Second in religion SEMANTICS is the number one enemy of Christians.  Allow me to give you an example, please.  If you put 10 Christian together with a bible and you have them read the same sentence.  In the sentence there is one important word. The 10 Christians could have 10 different interpretations.  That is ok, that is great, that is their right.  the problem is that out of the 10 you will always have at least one like Mr. McDowell that believes that his interpretation of the word is the only right one and that all the rest are wrong.  And because he is right  you are going to 'Hell", Now let me take this space to share with everyone who is reading us.  I have been on the radio from Mon.-Fri. for 2 hours a day as a talk show host in three languages for 19 years.  On local TV for one hour per week for over 7 years. Due to what I do I have met thousands of people.  All kinds of people.  What I have personally learn and seen with my on eyes and ears is that the Christians are the most close minded group of people in the planet. I have lived in 4 other countries. The  Educated  Mexican-Ameircan comes in a close second to a Close mind. For about 6 years as a teenager I wanted to be a Priest  until I discover sex. I have 3 college degrees. One of my BA is in Ministry.  Have of my college work is in theology. Also after 25 of struggling with myself on April 2007 I stop being a Catholic, a Christian and Religious. I stop going to a building call a church.  Since then God has open many doors that I did not even know where there. I am closer to Him and He takes care of me and all my needs. I am truly in LOVE with the whole of Creations even with the close minded groups. By the way I have a touch of dyslexia and some OCD. Blessing to all and have a bless Sunday.  Be sure and give you Lord your one or two hours per week by going to church.  All other non-Christian religions give the Lord his due 3 times a day everyday of the week.  You Christians can give HIm at least 2 hours per week.   Love you guys.  I really do.   Blessing from "Grandfather"  To us what we call Grandfather is God. 

Comment by Vicente N. Carranza on November 3, 2013 at 3:27am

Mr. Briones if I may.  I could cast my first stone but I never do.  Why. Because I am with out sin. I chose to sin and sometimes do sin but I am not a sinner (not a noun but a verb).  Telling the people that no one is without sin is a way of keeping the people subservient  to the church not to God. Also telling the people that they are born from original sin is horse manure. God Created us in His image and God did not created garbage when he created you.  You are a Perfect Creation and a co-Creator with God. The person you call Jesus said so. 

Comment by Vicente N. Carranza on November 3, 2013 at 3:17am

Folks I have been nice, polite and honest with MY-ME-YO- believes with with Mr. McDowell but that is it for me.  If I knew how to block Mr. McDowell I would.  The only thing I am doing and you are doing is giving Mr. McDowell a pulpit and an audience.  He love all this and it gives him purpose, to save all of us from 'hell'.  Some of you might be in the same level or place as Mr. McDowell and that great for you but as for me unless he changes I don't want to hear from him again.   I would bet you a McDonald hamburger that if Mr. McDowell goes to a regular local church he is not very well rec'd.  I would add some french fries and say that he might have been in many church already.  Unless, and I will lose, he is with a group who think just like him.  Blessing to all and a not to soon good-by-by. 

Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on November 3, 2013 at 12:39am

if people worked peace and talked about the sense of God almost pacifically like here, no war would exist anymore.

kindness is the currency we have to exchange with one another.

thank you Vicente for your deep wisdom.

I am not a religious deep devoted and I am a sinner too.

the worst sin is "not believing" and the sacrilege.

poor semantic words such as PEACE LOVE TRUTH are simple's man key to heaven. God said that "the reign of heaven is of poor people"

my english is poor and in Italian i should discuss better....but maybe this state of fact is a blessing: child live theyr primary life with words MOTHER FOOD "TOILET" and notwithstanding are all blessed creatures.

it's growing that they lose their innocence.

being intellectual doesn't mean necessarily loosing innocence.

in a past blog post i explained LOVE IS STRONGER THAN JUSTICE (STING)


if we are writing from our PC we have to thank God all our primary elementary needs have been children say......


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