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This is really amazing thing that I've experienced today.
The first what was before it. By becoming more sensitive to the inner energies, and staying aware, it is merely impossible not to understand, when something is not in the best condition. So some of the doings had left some distractive feelings inside, like some fear to unknown and things like that. So I did face that fear and did all those things that I was being afraid of. All the fear disappeared, but the normal energy level was still a bit down. It is like the tiredness or unwillingness to stay active. It feels like wanting to escape or just to sleep and to do nothing. Doing nothing can also be the positive thing but not when used as the escapism. The usual way of the meditation does not help in that kind of a situation. It removes the negative feelings, but does not really uplift the energy.
So that is what I've discovered for me. I did try breathing the prana, but it still did not start to work when using the one explanation of how to do it. It just did not give any real results. I did imagine breathing golden light through the head, but it refused to work in this way for a few minutes. Then I tried to breathe it in and to collect it for a while and let it to do it's work inside and then to let it out. Still it was not giving the magnificent results.
Then I tried another way. I did breathe in and imagined it coming from all the outer universe and also the inner universe (from the cells to smaller) and to go to the heart center and all the cells. When breathing out I imagined creating the prana inside of the cells and the heart center and giving it back to both outer and inner universe. Then I imagined being created more as a result in the whole and started to breathe in again in the same way. If the usual meditation, that I've been using, slows down the breathing, then this did naturally speed up the breathing and made it deeper. After a moment I added the emptiness to both inhaling and exhaling. But it was imagining these three things at the same time. In just a one or two minutes it completely uplifted the life energy. It did totally transform the feelings, too. The blood circle in the whole body improved immediately and the whole thing was like a real miracle.
All that I wanted to say with it is that there are many different ways and it is great to experience for finding the what is working the best. As the life gives us many situations, there can be also many ways of meditation, that gives the needed results. So what I'd encourage to do is to find the individual ways that serve the best.
Love for you!

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Yes Silja,
This is truly a wonderful testimony regarding ourselves and how conscious deep breathing serves us. As we see and accept ourselves as our "BREATH", and as we see and accept the rest of life as its own "BREATH" we automatically enter a new level of consciousness of ourselves and the rest of life as the "ONE SOVEREIGN INTEGRAL SOURCE BREATHING CONSCIOUSLY FOREVER". At this level, we are able to see, feel and know that we are more than passing breathing techniques. We are now able to realize that ourselves and the rest of life are one and that as we learn to perfect our conscious deep breathing skills we also begin to see the value of how to live one conscious deep breath at a time.The other skill that we also need to develop and perfect is the skill of trusting our "BREATH IMPLICITLY" as our Source and our life giving essence. So the two skills that we should pay attention to at this time and practice them until we perfect them, are conscious deep breathing and implicit trust.
That is what you demonstrated so fully with such great results.
Lots of love and joy until we speak again.

We had the celebration of 9-9-9 yesterday made in a group and we used kind a similar method for breathing. The breathing that was very intense and deep. But not to fasten the breathing but just made it extremely intense and deep. We also made the crystal activations, circles and huggings. It was really great to see the way everyone got involved and left behind the usual modesty that holds back the energy. To see the people dancing, smiling, hugging, singing and being completely free - that's just amazing. The hours seamed to fly like a minutes!



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